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"People vacillate between excitement and dread. They seek love as a kind of escape and intoxication to free them from the constant burden and overshadowing of fear and regret, whereas real love remains a mystery to them, real love emanating from Knowledge." [1]

What is Love?

"Love is not an emotion. It is not always kind. It does not maintain one appearance only. Ideas of being loving and lovable conjure up certain forms of behavior and mannerisms and certain forms of etiquette and social obligation. But this is only acting at love. Love is very powerful. It does not need your creations. It only needs for you to become an empty vessel through which it can express itself. [2]

“Love requires some preparation to comprehend its power and magnitude.” [2]

"Therefore, come to realize what love really is within you. Love affirms your strength, your integrity, your responsibility, your honor, your courage and your contribution to others. It encourages selfless participation in the world. Love is the essence of your strength. It is not sentimental. It is not like the ridiculous romantic images that people have generated to describe it." [3]

"Whenever the Presence of love is felt, it is always the result of relationship being experienced, whether it be a relationship of which you are aware or unaware. This Presence is merely the product of relationship."[4]

"But even the manifestations of love may not always seem to be kind, gentle or reassuring, for love sometimes must challenge you. Love sometimes must correct you, and love sometimes must redirect your actions." [3]

"Love is mysterious. It is not always happy; it is not always kind, but it always carries you forward toward the Source of love itself." [2]

"You have both the essence and the form. They should not be confused. If you were with Knowledge completely, there would be no problem here. However, because you live according to your ideas and prescriptions in a world of separation, you must learn to distinguish between the essence and the form of things. You may love another, but it may not be appropriate for you to assume an intimate form of relationship together. Here it is usually necessary to wait in order to truly discern what form is most appropriate for your relationship." [5]

The Source of Love

"The experience of love melts you away. Your personal side, that tiny part of your mind in which you live, melts into your Impersonal Self, or True Self, because it is overtaken. That is surrender."[2]

"Love is when God overtakes you. You have stopped running. At that time, you do not care about personal fulfillment. You only want help and you only want to know: “What is it? I give up!” Then something very powerful happens. Love starts to overtake you, and you start to have an influence on other people." [2]

"Knowledge is only a potential; you do not yet have it. Love is only a potential; you do not yet have it. You can claim them for yourself. You can declare their presence in your life. You can even claim that you have achieved great things with them, but real courage, real Knowledge and real love emanate from you when they are being expressed every moment. They are a demonstration of your life." [6]

Being Present

"Love will arise naturally when you are present for people and when you have come to terms with your true inclinations in life. Then love begins to permeate your life and activities. It is something that abides with you, not something that you stir up." [2]

"When you are with another, be present to that person. Being present means that you are more with them than with your own thoughts. You are not preoccupied with your thoughts. You are not preoccupied with them, either. You are just being present. It is a state of being an observer without preference. It is amazing what this can yield, but it takes mental preparation."[2]

"Indeed, people can be together for long periods of time and not experience each other at all."[2]

"If you are present with another, which means that you are observant without preference and without conclusion, then you will have an opportunity to experience something very great. This is not about relationship yet. This is about recognition, which is the beginning of relationship." [2]

The Problem with Love

“The problem with love is that people try to love. They try to be loving. They even try to be loved. It does not work very well to do this because to be loving is not the first step.” [2]

"The problem in relationships is that people are completely consumed with their own thoughts."[2]


"Only from a place of self-love can you offer correction to yourself and to others." [7]

"Now this brings us to the problem of self-love. Love arises when you honor your nature because that is the fundamental act of self-acceptance." [2]

"Self-trust and self-love are required in all change because you must be open to receiving something else." [8]

Romantic Relationships

"Many people are addicted to the experience of being in love. It is an experience based upon recognition. Therefore, they keep looking for the recognition, thinking that the recognition is the relationship. Recognition is not relationship. Many people who have this problem, and most people do have it to some degree, are repeatedly disappointed because the relationship that is the result of recognition only disappoints them. It does not have the compatibility and the alignment of purpose that are being spoken of here. Do not be addicted to recognition, for you could experience this same recognition in your daily meditation, and this recognition would initiate you into Knowledge instead of leading you into a divisive and hopeless relationship with another." [9]

"Around the world love is held to be in the highest esteem, as a pinnacle of human experience. Love is sung about in songs, written about in poetry. It is exalted in great literature. It is bandied about in normal conversation. People claim they are in love, that love is the ultimate, that all you need in the world is love and everything will work out just fine. But very few people understand what love really is. And very few people have experienced love at a deeper level—beyond fascination, beyond infatuation and attachment. Few people have experienced the real power and current of love." [10]

"Passionate love is like a flame that burns very hot, but that cannot burn for very long. It is based on fear, hope and fantasy. It is imbued with desire, and it reinforces personal insecurity and personal neediness. This is the love experience that so many people are pursuing in life at great expense, but it is not an experience that can lead to a really successful relationship in most cases. What you are looking for is an experience of recognition—a deep, quiet, powerful experience. It is not highly emotional. It is not fraught with fear, anxiety and uncertainty. It is coming from a deeper place within you. It is Knowledge recognizing another. This is very different from the experience of falling in love, which is really entering a kind of pathetic, unknowing state, filled with desire, fear and uncertainty." [11]

God's Love


"The real love that moves you to give your life, that refocuses your life, that tells you that you are in error, that confronts you with the fact that your life has been misspent and you are trying to take it in a direction that is not its true direction, this is love—the love that keeps orienting you towards your greater purpose for coming into the world regardless of your plans and goals, the love that does not change, the love that does not adapt to your wishes. This is the love! At times, it is confronting and challenging, and you feel that it is just too much. And at times, it is comforting and reassuring, and you welcome it and are so glad it exists, that it is true. This is the Great Love—the love of God and the love of God that has been placed in you, in Knowledge within you, in the deeper mind within you." [10]

"There is the Great Love, the love that God has placed within you, within every person, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be expressed and experienced. This love does not have only one appearance. It is not associated with a certain kind of behavior or etiquette. It is not a social convention. This love will pull you away from danger. This love will challenge your thinking and your attitudes. This love will show you that your life is going nowhere. This love will move you to go one way when you want to go another. This love will restrain you. This love will redirect you. This is a Great Love. This is the real thing! Even if you are all alone in life, if you can feel the movement of Knowledge, you will feel the love of God." [10]

"Love is not thinking that everything is going to be fine and that God is taking care of everything. Indeed, God has sent you here to take care of everything! Love is a position of self-acceptance, responsibility, cooperation and contribution. That is love. It is clear. It is sober. And it is able to face whatever life brings across its path. Love treats every difficulty as an opportunity. It does not deny the realities of life. It does not seek to gain personal advantage by denying reality. It does not seek to put a happy face on every event of life. This is love. This is God’s love." [3]

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