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"In the end, nature will be dominant." [1]

"Nature has been created for you—a gift." [2]

Natural Forces and Natural Laws

"The world is driven by powerful geologic and biologic forces. They were set in motion at the beginning of the physical Universe. God has set them in motion to operate on their own, moving in a certain direction. This has produced immense turbulence, even after the creation of this planet. These turbulent forces work throughout the Universe, depending on a world’s particular environment." [1]

"Humanity has had to endure violent weather, droughts, floods, pestilence—all manner of things because this is all part of living within a changing environment governed by physical laws & natural laws." [1]

"The future well-being of humanity is dependent upon what you and your generation contribute today. This is the essence of nature—that the future is secured by contribution in the present time. This happens in the plant world, in the animal world and in human existence as well. It is a law of nature." [3]

"In nature, everything is useful. Nothing is wasted. Everything contributes to everything else. Nothing is squandered. Learn from your natural world. Re-engage with it. You will see. creatures need certain things for their survival and well-being. But you do not see them laying up great treasures for themselves. All creatures in the world are vulnerable in the world. Beyond their protective instincts and the shelters they may provide for themselves, they are vulnerable to the world. They are engaged in the world." [4]

Nature "seems to have no real regard for you and your welfare."[5]

“Why is the world such a difficult place for human beings? Because they have come from beyond. It is not so difficult for plants and animals, but it is difficult for people because they come from beyond. They have come from a much more pure reality.” [6]

Living Out of Balance with Nature

"The natural world has become unknown to the human family, save for but a few individuals who understand it and hold it in reverence."[7]

"If you destroy nature, it will destroy everything you have. You cannot defeat it. It will give you everything you need, but if you violate it too much, it will take everything away."[7]

Humanity “is endangering the natural balances that have given humanity such a beautiful and splendid world in which to evolve and to live. This is hazardous not only for your future in this world, but also hazardous regarding your relationships with other races in the universe.” [8]

The Mental Environment in Nature

"Many people seek to be out of doors because it is a freer mental environment than when they are confined with other people. Here people seek communion with nature because nature provides a freer and often more conducive mental environment for introspection and for insight into the behavior and interaction of others. Some seek nature purely as a relief." [9]

"Plants and animals do not have a strong influence on the mental environment. In nature, as you may have noticed, there can be neutrality in the mental environment. That is why people seek refuge in nature—it is refreshingly open and free of dominating influences." [2]


"Find something that you can do in your local community to help people and to help restore nature, something you can give yourself to." [10]


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