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"The work of God is everywhere, but who can see it?" [1]

"Here you will see what is really important.
It will not be intellectual brilliance,
it will not be eloquence or beauty or charm or the force of personality,
for people who possess these things may be
the last to see and
the last to know."[1]
Spiritual Practice


“The man or woman of Knowledge" [is not] "afraid to look and to see.” [2]

"In any situation where you can't practice stillness, practice looking at others and the world without judgement. That is stillness in action."[3]

Developing the Ability to See

"Steps to Knowledge will give you the pathway to develop these greater skills. And you need them. You need them now. You needed them yesterday. You have needed them all along." [4]

"In time you will learn to see as Spirit sees, to know as Spirit knows and to evaluate as Spirit evaluates. This is the result of learning The Way of Knowledge, but you must advance, for this represents an advanced state." [5]

"The future is coming towards you, over the horizons of your life. You can see this if your vision is developed. You can feel this if you are aware of what you feel. You can gain your strength if your mind can become focused and unified." [5]

"The desire to see is like the desire to know. It too requires a refinement of your mind’s faculties. To see with clear vision means you are not seeing with preference. It means that you are able to perceive that which is actually occurring rather than that which you wish to see. There is something actually occurring beyond your wishes. This is very true. The desire to see, then, is the desire to see a greater truth. This requires a greater honesty and a greater openness of mind." [6]

"This requires humility, of course, and the willingness and the commitment to set aside assumptions, prejudices, preconceived ideas and so forth. To see and to hear truly, you must have this approach. But you must look earnestly, and you must listen earnestly. You must commit yourself to seeing and to hearing. It is not a casual pursuit you do once in a while. It is not something you do periodically, just to have a look or have a listen. It is what the animals do. They are always looking and listening, for there is danger, and they are equipped to respond to it, or they could not survive."[7]

"We are teaching you to see, to see things simply, as they really are—without self-glorification, without self-avoidance, without self-protection and without falsification of any kind. See yourself as you are today. See others as they are today. See the world as it is today. All without condemnation. To see without condemnation, you must see without idealism. You must see without the need for you, for others and for the world to be as you want them to be." [8]

"So you see here, the art of seeing applies to your outer world. It applies to things you are familiar with and things you are not familiar with. It applies to your engagement with others and your activities in the world and what you do with your mind from moment to moment. For the mind to serve you, truly as it was designed to do, then you must either be practicing this kind of presence of mind, or being present to the mind and to the outer and inner worlds, or the mind is at rest or engaged in a simple and beneficial activity. These three things give the mind reprieve and also develop its greater abilities.” [4]

"What is real seeing? Real seeing is seeing what is there. It is not just seeing what you want to see. It is not just seeing what you like. It is not just seeing what you are afraid of. It is not just seeing according to the prevailing attitudes and beliefs in your mind. It is being able to see through the mind. Here the mind is either a window or a wall. It is either a maze that is impenetrable or it becomes a refined telescope."[9]

"Knowledge only sees what is important to see. As you learn to see with Knowledge, you learn to penetrate the surface of things, the manifestations of things. You learn to penetrate the prevailing attitudes and beliefs under which you have labored all these years, and you gain discernment."[9]


"The world is giving you signs about what is coming, giving you clues as to what to expect in your environment, in your nation, in your economy and in the more immediate circumstances of your life. Knowledge, the deeper intelligence within you, is also giving you signs, clues and warnings. But you cannot hear Knowledge if your mind is preoccupied, if you are busy all the time racing about with your busy schedule and all of your activities. You might feel certain things. You might have sensations of concern or anxiety. You might have a profound and lucid dream at night. But if you do not give these your attention—to consider them, to investigate them, to ask questions concerning them—then the whole value of your inner guidance is being lost upon you." [10]

"It is what you need to discern the meaning of your engagements with others; to discern your deeper understanding, thoughts and needs; to recognize where your life is going and the degree to which you are going there; to discern the meaning of all your present and future engagements with others; to discern the value of opportunities and whether they should be taken or not; to discern what is gong on in your environment, in your town, your city or your nation to see how the Great Waves that are coming to the world are affecting people even at this moment and affecting the circumstances and opportunities around you. True seeing and hearing are not reserved for the exceptional individual." [4]

"Some people are born with a greater perceptual range that has always been with them, but it has been a source of grief, discomfort and alienation from others as a result for many people—more of a curse than a blessing. But it is a blessing, and it portends greater things." [11]

Willful blindness

"Our words are not for speculation or debate. That is the indulgence of the foolish, who cannot hear and cannot see. You are terrified of the Revelation, for it will change your life. But you desire the Revelation, for it will change your life. It is your conflict of mind that blinds you. It is the purposes that run counter to one another that keep you in a state of confusion and do not allow you to see."[12]


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