The Presence

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come close to the Power and the Presence

"If you experience yourself as part of the Presence, you will then learn to recognize the Presence in others." [1]

"What is this Presence? And why is it so ever present? It is the presence of your Spiritual Family. It is the presence of Creation. It is the Presence of the Source of all these things because you never left God." [2]

The Presence is here

"People are obsessing over human error and human tragedy, constantly complaining about the world and venting their anger and frustration upon others. God is with them, but they are looking in another direction. The Presence is here, but people are too busy doing other things to recognize it and to respond to it." [3]

"If you are hungry and starving well then you must meet that need, and that will predominate. But even here, the Presence is available. In fact, under these more dire circumstances, you may seek it with greater fervency and adhere to it with a greater dedication. Here the poor are often more rich in spirit than the rich themselves, who have a great competing agenda differing from their primary purpose and function of being in the world. God’s Power and Presence in the world are so strong that they can arouse a dedication, a commitment and an integrity far greater than anything else could possibly evoke. This can transform a person’s life, elevating them to a greater level of service and clarity, making them a true light shining in a darkening world." [3]

"Those who know carry the presence with them. And this presence has been able to grow because they have not been indiscreet. They have not tried to use their experience for personal gain. Instead, they have let it grow stronger and more intense within themselves. This gives them a sense of presence." [4]

"If someone sits still long enough and is able to quiet their mind, they will begin to feel the Presence. And if someone begins to feel their real state of being, the real condition of their mind and their body, and they are able to be with themselves at a deeper level, they will begin to feel the Presence. When people honestly give to another without the desire for self-enrichment or self-validation, they feel the Presence. When you are moved by inspiration by the action of another, you feel the Presence. It is so close. Strip away the veneer of human psychology, and there is the Presence." [2]

"If you think back on your life, perhaps you can recall one or two individuals with whom you had this experience, this abiding sense of presence. Recall how subtle it was but how unique. Recall how you felt in their presence, how there was something unusual about them— something they did not talk about, something they did not declare. There was something unusual about them. There was a presence abiding with them. Perhaps there are no words that can describe this experience, but it can be recalled because it stands out in stark contrast to every other encounter you have had, whether those encounters were pleasurable or not." [5]

Resisting the Presence

"Why do people resist this? Why do they attempt to avoid it at all costs? Why do they seek a worldly experience of suffering, struggle and constant adaptation when they could experience the Presence?"[2]


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