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Facing Yourself

"Only Knowledge can lead you to act courageously." [1]

"It is a very, very courageous thing to do to gain your freedom." [2]


"Stretching beyond your own ideas and assumptions and reaching out for something which is greater that transcends them is an act of courage, integrity and commitment to your personal development and to true contribution in life. This is the road to Knowledge." [3]

"You are overcoming the world! You are overcoming everything the world wants you to think and to believe and to become in order to gain the freedom to become what you really are and to do what God has really sent you to do and to reclaim your own integrity and to have that come from within you and to have it be verified by others who are free enough to confirm this for you. You are overcoming belief. You are overcoming convention. You are overcoming the control of governments. You are overcoming the fear of God. You are overcoming your reluctance to say and do and follow what you really know is true. This is like a revolution! This takes tremendous courage! And yet what else is there to do? Do you want to stay on the chain gang or do you want to break free?" [2]


"There are risks in being in the world. That is part of being here. Accept this. This requires courage not avoidance." [4]

"You must have the courage to follow the deeper power within yourself." [5]

"You are fundamentally in the world to fulfill a greater mission, to prepare yourself for this mission, to free yourself for this mission, to gain the strength, courage and integrity to undertake this mission and to gain the freedom from those things that compromise you and hold you back so that you may have the freedom for the opportunity to engage in a greater life." [6]

"Some change is very hard to make. It brings forth emotional pain and takes great courage because you must override all other arguments and tendencies to do what must be done." [7]

"Every act of courage and integrity requires overcoming something, releasing something and escaping something, both within yourself and outside of yourself." [8]

"The correct attitude must also include the willingness to correct anything that obstructs the reclamation of Knowledge—those beliefs, those attitudes, those ambitions, those cherished needs and those personal demands that infringe on and limit your ability to experience life as it is, as it will be the next moment and as it is destined to be in the future. This takes great courage and a desire for honesty." [9]

"Learning a Greater Community Way of Knowledge requires courage because you must risk your ideas. You must risk your conclusions. And you must be willing to proceed even at times when you feel very uncertain about yourself or what you are doing." [9]

"It is openness, courage and greater motivation in learning that will carry you through." [9]

"The people of the New Message must assist the Messenger while he is still in the world. His task is overwhelming. It is far beyond what one person could ever do. They must bear witness to this. They must represent this. They must have the courage to be part of the Revelation and not simply its observers or its audience." [10]

"Greater work requires greater resources, greater courage and a greater willingness on the part of its participants." [11]

"Accept this dissatisfaction. It will drive you onward. It will give you courage. It will give you determination." [11]

"You are doing this for yourself, for those who sent you and for those who have come into the world with you. You are working for them as well as for yourself. Let this be a source of courage and encouragement for you." [11]

"If you are frightened and panicked, you will do extreme and unwise things. You have to face great danger with courage and with as much objectivity as you can muster. This requires the power of Knowledge within yourself. And it requires the confidence that you can take action, that you can move your life in a positive direction and that you will not fall into the trap of easy assumptions or simple solutions, thinking you have an answer for everything." [12]

The failure of courage

"Those who have the greatest investment in the past will resist the new world and everything in it. They cannot see. They will not know. They do not have the courage to reconsider their position. They do not have the humility to stand in the face of the Revelation. What can God do for them?" [13]

"Courage, clarity and objectivity—so rare they are in the human experience, and yet so absolutely necessary to provide certainty, direction and balance in one’s life." [14]

"There is no escape from your responsibilities, and the attempt to escape them will cost you dearly. It may even cost you your life. That is why if you are honest, you will realize your need for courage. Dishonesty is weakness. Courage is strength." [15]

"You must have courage. If you run away, there will be no place to hide, and you will only weaken your position, making you more vulnerable in the future. Time now is of the essence—time to see, time to know, time to prepare and time to encourage human unity and human freedom." [16]

"The Lord of the Universe is not going to become preoccupied with your social welfare, for the answer has been placed within you regarding what you must do and not do, what you must release and what you must focus upon. This takes courage, of course—courage of a very fundamental nature, courage that is greatly lacking, particularly amongst the wealthy people of the world, who have become accustomed to having their needs fulfilled, who believe the world is there to satisfy their desires and ambitions, who feel that their wealth and privileges are like an entitlement from God, who think that they are better than others who are struggling even to meet the basic requirements of life." [17]

"You may say, 'Oh, this is too much for me! I don’t think I can deal with this!' But this is your world. This is your life. This is your future. What do you mean you cannot deal with it? Of course you can. You were sent here by God to deal with it, to contribute to the world. It is because you are dealing with other things that have little or no value that you feel weak and impotent in the face of such great circumstances. Your romances, the acquisition of wealth, your hobbies, your pastimes, your dilemmas, your conflicts with other individuals—this is all sucking the life out of you! Your power, your potency, your courage, your resourcefulness—all being lost to things of little or no value." [17]

The crucible of courage

"Do not think your wealth and your privileges will insulate you from this, for you will be vulnerable. Everyone will be vulnerable. And that is why the New Message calls for human recognition, courage and unity." [17]

"Destiny will utterly change your life. You have come to serve a world in transition. It will feel like a whole new age is starting, but it is simply because an old age is dying. A world in transition needs great human ingenuity and courage, which will emanate from Knowledge within you." [18]

The Great Waves of change
"will require a greater commitment, a greater wisdom and a greater courage."[19]

"You stand at the precipice. Will you choose to remain ignorant and will you fight and struggle when your ignorance and your denial fail you finally? Or will you choose the path of courage and wisdom to prepare and to allow God’s great gift of Knowledge to guide you and to direct you?" [20]

"Any courageous course of action to redirect your focus and your energy always must be based upon an inner and pressing need. Under quiescent circumstances, people rarely make any progress at all in any field of endeavor." [20]

"In the face of great change, people are helpless and this brings out their worst tendencies as well as their courage and their ability to be devoted." [21]

"Free up your energy to begin to prepare for the Great Waves of change, for they will require tremendous focus and courage from you."[1]

"Life is moving. Events are taking place. The results of humanity’s degradation and foolish use of the world are now moving on their own. Technology alone will not be an answer. There must be human recognition, courage and unity. Technology will only be a tool to help you, but without this recognition, this courage and this unity, technology will only hasten your demise." [17]

"Though courage is possible for each person, it takes extraordinary circumstances to bring it forth. It takes great challenges and great change to provide the opportunity for courage, for Knowledge and for true love to genuinely emerge.You see, then, how foolish it is to resist or avoid or condemn the needs or the condition of the world when they are actually the very things that can redeem you, show you your strength and give you the foundation of certainty that you so desperately seek in other things that have no promise." [22]

"You are not living in the past anymore. The world that you are accustomed to will change dramatically. You cannot rest on any former presumptions or assurances. There is no safe and secure place to hide from the vicissitudes of life now. If you can face this, you will gain courage." [14]

"Perhaps you do not think of yourself as a courageous person, thinking that courage is something that some are endowed with and not others. But in truth, courage is something that everyone must forge and develop in his or her own experience. This happens through making difficult decisions. This also happens through making important mistakes, learning through these mistakes and taking the necessary steps to set things right." [22]

"These are the great changes that are coming to your world, changes that will affect everyone, even in the wealthy nations—everyone. Why would you not pay attention to these when they have such great bearing on your life and future and the life and future of your children and loved ones? This requires real courage because you will have to face problems for which you do not have answers." [23]

Sources of courage

"God has placed a deeper Knowledge within you. It is the source of your integrity and your wisdom and your ability to see the truth and to respond to the truth. It is the source of your courage. It is the source of your strength." [24]

"Where is your faith placed even right now? What will give you true strength, confidence, courage and determination?" [25]

"It is this Knowledge now that must come to the fore, for this is what will give humanity the strength and the courage and the determination and perseverance to carry out what will be necessary." [26]

"Your Spiritual Family is with you. You are not alone. They are here to serve you, to nurture you, to empower you and to give you the true abilities of discernment and right engagement in your relationships. And they are here to give you the courage and the skills necessary to become a contributor in the world." [15]

"You will need companionship for encouragement, for discernment and for the courage to identify and eliminate your obstacles." [27]

"The quality of your relationships with others will largely determine the kind of life you will have, what will be available to you, the vision you will have and the degree of courage you will have to follow the movement of Knowledge within yourself." [14]

"You need others. And you will need them for the right reasons. You will need them to substantiate what you know. You will need them to support and to encourage your greater incentive in life. You will need them to echo your deeper inclinations. You will need them to demonstrate courage while you are learning courage. And you will need them to take courage where you yourself have demonstrated courage." [28]

"Your experience of the Divine has the possibility to expand, to grow and to become evermore magnificent and effective, evermore a form of security and a foundation for courage for you. [29]


"When you first wake in the morning, before you have become engaged with the world, take these moments to be with the Presence. Think about it. Sense it in the atmosphere of the room. Listen for it. Let your mind be still. Let your mind be engaged in listening. When you have reached the point of discovery, beginning to discover your greater work in the world, you will need the power of this Presence to give you strength and confidence. You will need its reprieve, its peace, its depth and the power of its relationship to you. It will give you courage and greater determination." [30]

The courage to see

"These are the Great Waves of change. If you have the courage and the objectivity, you can begin to see them coming over the horizon." [19]

"It is those who can be forewarned, it is those who have the courage to face the inevitable changes that will come and the grave possibilities they bring with them that will be strong enough to withstand these challenges and to provide strength, encouragement and direction for others." [12]

"The New Message is here for you to read and consider. It is up to you to do this. You will not know the value, importance, and emancipating power of this message until you deeply consider it for yourself. And it will take great courage, for you will have to face things that will be very difficult and perhaps frightening to consider." [31]

"Gain the strength and the courage to face life directly—to consider whatever is emerging over the horizon no matter how difficult it might seem, to become really honest with yourself about where you are in life, who you are with and what you are doing, unwilling now to waste this precious opportunity to be in the world through misapplication of any kind." [32]

"Your economic reality will not be based upon growth but upon preservation. That will be a very different reality for most people. It is coming. You can see it. You can feel it. It does not require a genius to recognize this, only courage and sobriety." [33]

"You were sent into the world to be in a planet that is becoming increasingly unstable, with an uncertain future and outcome. Can you face this? Where will you find the strength, the courage and the intention to face this—now when you have time to prepare your life, now when you have time to alert others, now when you have a period—a grace period, if you will—to prepare your outer life and to gain a connection with the source and center of your strength and certainty?" [34]

"To have the power and the courage to respond, you must see the need and feel the greatness of the times in which you live." [35]

"The real question before us then is, are we big enough to accept the power and responsibility of such direct knowing? Can we see the truth, hear the truth, recognize the truth and have the courage to act upon the truth?" [36]

"You must become very courageous, which means you are willing to see things and hear things that have direct bearing on your life." [37]

From the teaching on courage received August 9, 2015

"People do not understand what courage really means and what it must serve. To be courageous in serving one’s wishes, beliefs, one’s grievances, to risk oneself for these things cannot really be courage. It is just foolishness. It is an error. It is incorrect. To risk your life for something incorrect is incorrect. To exert yourself fervently and completely for something that is untrue is untrue. It is what you serve here that makes all the difference. What do you serve? Do you serve yourself? Do you serve your ideas? Do you serve your convictions? Do you serve your grievances? Do you serve a position against others who you think oppose you? Who do you serve? And is this service constructive? Is it life giving? What do you protect? And what are you willing to destroy? What you serve makes all the difference. So what do you serve? The world demonstrates courage in service to so many things—people’s lives being forfeited; people’s lives being risked, people’s lives being used as weapons of war, as tools of the state or some kind of ideological movement, creating ever more grievance, death and destruction. It all comes down to what you serve, who you serve, why you serve."


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