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“Life without God is extremely complicated and terribly fearful. It is always beset by anxiety and the threat of annihilation.” [1]

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"At the surface of your mind, you suffer over every little thing, and you have great anxieties about your future and well-being—always the fear of future loss, always the fear of the innumerable things that can happen to you and to those that you care for.

How can you ever know anything at this level, so filled with fear and ambition, so easily distracted, so easily manipulated, so easily controlled, so easily dominated by the opinions or the determinations of others?"


Freedom from anxiety

“To be a student of Knowledge, allow your life to have its mysteries. Do not try to explain everything and justify everything. Knowledge will emerge within you once you have chosen that this be your life. You will become less certain about particulars and more certain about your purpose, meaning and direction. Then you will begin to find freedom from anxiety and ambivalence, and that is the greatest gift of all because a life without anxiety or ambivalence is completely rendered into the world.” [3]

“You are sent from God to be a message. Your life is a message, but it is concealed from you and from others as well. This is the source of all of your anxiety and discomfort within yourself. No matter how you may identify your problems, no matter what aggravates you on the outside, this is the source of your discomfort: You are not being your True Self.” [4]

A recipe for anxiety

“When Knowledge disappears, thought begins. When people can’t know, they invent things to give themselves temporary stability to allay their own anxiety. For without Knowledge, all there is, is anxiety.” [5]

“As you use Knowledge, you come closer to happiness, and as you neglect or avoid Knowledge, you go away from happiness. So you learn the simple lesson that if you go towards Knowledge, you become happier and if you go away, you go back into confusion, anxiety, anger, sadness and all forms of unhappiness.” [4]

"If you are going against your Knowledge, you will be ill at ease with yourself, and this will give rise to anxiety."[6]


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