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"The ultimate contribution from one person to another is when one person's Knowledge ignites another person's Knowledge. Mysterious this is, beyond the comprehension of human thought." [1]


"Do not seek for the world to give you what you want, for that is the path of disappointment and disillusionment. Instead, seek for the opportunity to contribute something greater to a world that needs what you have, for indeed you have what the world needs." [2]

"It is very important to understand contribution in your life because the contribution that you are really making is for the generations to come, and you cannot see that. You can say, 'I am not making a contribution in my life. I do not see the results.' Yet your true contribution is to lay the foundation for the possibility for life in the future, not only physically but for the promise of redemption." [3]

"You must work with God, using your intellect and your abilities, for these will all be needed to build a new and greater life in the world. Here there is no running away into spiritual practice, retreating endlessly from the world, for God is seeking to bring you into the world as a contributor to life. But only God knows the nature of your true contribution, the real gifts that you were sent into the world to give. It is not what you think or assume to be true at this moment." [4]


"If you are feeding people or helping to restore the environment or working for social justice or sending aid and relief to people in a poor country—all these things are strengthening the reality and power of Knowledge in the world." [5]

"An unconflicted life is the greatest contribution that can be given into the world, for this is a life that will spark the beginning of Knowledge in all, a spark that can carry itself into the future far beyond your individual life." [6]

"Your greatest teaching in this life is the contribution of your life as it is demonstrated to others." [7]

"Ultimately, union and contribution are the greatest powers in the universe." [2]

"Your contribution is unique, and this is the meaning and value of your individuality." [2]


“It is not an easy time to be in the world, but if contribution is your purpose and intention, it is the right time to be in the world.” [2]

“Here you cannot be a victim of the world or a victim of change, for you were designed and meant to be a contributor—a person who gives into life situations and who is not overtaken or destroyed by them.” [8]

"The value of your life is consummated and fully demonstrated through your contribution to others because until contribution exists, you can only partially realize yourself — your value, your purpose, your meaning and your direction. You do not need now to determine what you wish to contribute. That is not as important as your desire to contribute, for the form of contribution will become evident to you in time and will evolve as well. It is your desire to contribute born of true motivation that will give you joy this day." [9]

"There are no Masters living in the world, for Mastery is attained beyond the world. There are advanced students. There are students of great accomplishment. But there are no Masters living in the world. Perfection is not found here, only contribution. Whoever remains in the world remains to learn the lessons of the world. The lessons of the world must be learned not only in your individual life, but in a life of contribution as well. Your genuine education far exceeds what you have realized thus far. It is not merely the correction of errors. It is the contribution of gifts." [10]


“Life gives many demonstrations of people who experienced something with great meaning but could not express it or contribute it in a constructive way. They tried to use it to gain power or advantage. They tried to use it to attack others. Irresponsible leadership, fanaticism, demagoguery—all of these things are expressions of the great error of attempting to have Knowledge without Wisdom, of attempting to know something without knowing how to carry it in life.” [11]


“Like a surgeon in surgery, you can contribute to the world, for that is your purpose in coming—without concern for yourself or concern for the world. If you become concerned for the world, you will become frightened and angry, and this fear and anger can overtake you at any time.” [12]

“You are not here to make separation work. You are not here to perfect the world. You are here to contribute something to the well-being of people, to the well-being of life and to plant seeds for the future of humanity. A seed is a very tiny thing. It does not look like it has any potency at all. You hold a little seed in your hand, and you say, 'Well, what can this do?' But the seed can grow a great tree. Seeds can grow food. Those little tiny things in your hand look like they have no power, but they are really the source of future benefit.” [13]

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