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"The Mystery—the transference of Knowledge and the reuniting of ancient bonds—is something that is beyond the intellectual understanding of anyone. It must be experienced." [1]

"The Mystery will exceed your understanding, always. When you can be immersed in the Mystery, you can represent the Mystery." [2]

"You are living in two realities now, the reality of manifestation and the reality of the Mystery."[3]

"God is pointing you to the Mystery, not to the manifestation."[4]


"Let us stand humble and bear witness to the mystery and the power of the Creator, as it works within us and others and not presume that we understand or can administer such things ourselves." [5]

"Do not attempt to explain the Mystery or the Mystery will be lost to you. Do not give definition to your purpose, or your purpose will become only your definition. Do not claim that you understand your origin or your destiny, for to think this is to deny yourself the direct experience, which is your reward for gaining access to a Greater Wisdom and Greater Power within yourself."[6]

"For the mind that you think with, your worldly mind, can only conceive of things in this world. It cannot imagine Creation. It cannot imagine your Heavenly state. It cannot imagine the Angelic Assembly. It cannot imagine everything that exists beyond your realm, in whatever dimension. It is best to leave these open to the Mystery and not tax your mind needlessly, trying to create an understanding."[7]

Beyond the mundane

"The Mystery is the source of everything important. All the great inventions and contributions, the great relationships, the great experiences, they all come from the Mystery, who you are, why you are here, what is calling you, your greater association, your destiny with certain people in the world, your ability to find your way while everyone around you is sleeping, dreaming and unresponsive. This is a journey you must take or your life will be a troubled dream and no more."[8]

"Its Source is beyond the physical reality, for who you are is beyond the physical reality. Where you are going ultimately is beyond the physical reality, but you are meant to be here, for you have been sent here for a purpose. That is the Mystery."[8]

"People do not see, they do not hear. They are strangers to themselves. And their native skills of discerning the environment, for many, have been lost and are undeveloped.

This makes the Messenger’s task more difficult. He must carry the Mystery, for the Revelation is beyond the realm of the intellect and certainly is not conditioned by people’s expectations, beliefs or comprehension."[9]

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"Entering the Mystery takes great faith—faith in yourself, faith in Knowledge and faith in the Greater Power of the universe that has sent you here. This faith is necessary at the outset. It is the thing that you need before real certainty can be developed and relied upon on a consistent basis. Here you learn to rely upon the Mystery and not upon tangible things. Here you ask the Mystery to give you that which you need in the tangible world rather than asking the tangible world to give you what you need to function in the world of Mystery."[2]

Those who know carry the presence with them. And this presence has been able to grow because they have not been indiscreet. They have not tried to use their experience for personal gain. Instead, they have let it grow stronger and more intense within themselves. This gives them a sense of presence. You will not find this in idle dabblers or in people who are like tourists in a spiritual universe. However, you will find this in those who have had to face their own thresholds, who have had to cross their own rivers and who have had to experience and face their own doubts and fears and wasteful consequences of their mistakes. These are people who are following something inexplicable that they do not attempt to define or use. Their silence is profound and inviting. They are with the Mystery. And the Mystery is with them. Through them a greater Knowledge, a greater comfort and a Greater Power can emerge and abide." [10]

"Someone who is with the Mystery can share the Mystery without words, without conversation, without debate and without self-glorification. They are with the Mystery and the Mystery is with them."[10]

"Treat the manifestation practically, wisely, using the wisdom and the skills you have developed and be open to developing more skill and wisdom here, for you will greatly need it. But do not confuse the Mystery with the manifestation. The manifestation you must understand and can understand to a very great degree, but the Mystery is the Mystery. It exceeds your capacity. It is bigger than you are. It is bigger than the world."[11]

Beyond explanation

"There are people who cannot tolerate the mystery and must have answers, thinking answers will resolve their inquiry."[12]

"God’s Power and Presence in the world are demonstrated through selfless actions, through recognition of one person to another, through selfless giving and the commitment to give, the commitment to serve, the commitment to contribute—beyond one’s own edification, and certainly beyond one’s own enrichment. Where does this incentive come from? What is the nature of true goodness? It all comes from the Mystery, the Power and Presence of God in the world."[13]

"This process that we speak of is something that the intellect cannot understand. It is not rational and logical in the usual sense. It is mysterious because God is mysterious. You are looking to connect with what God has put within you, so there is always a degree of mystery. There is no mastery here like when you learn a trade or a skill. It is the Mystery. If it becomes strong in you, you will inspire others, even by your mere presence. And greater gifts will begin to emerge from you that are natural for you to give, that you were meant to give, that were put inside of you before you came into this world—gifts the world needs, for it is not only individuals who are impoverished, it is all of humanity."[14]

Beyond belief

"Many people who consider themselves to be very pious in their religious faith are still not close to God because they have not made the fundamental connection with Knowledge within themselves. They have substituted their beliefs, their fundamentalism, their religious scriptures for their fundamental relationship with Knowledge. They have missed the mark. They are relying upon the wrong thing. They are afraid of the Mystery, which is the source and the meaning of their life. They want everything to be explained. They do not want to have to live with questions. They only want to use answers. They are afraid of themselves. They are afraid to go beneath the surface of the mind. They are afraid of God’s Covenant, which supercedes their beliefs in all situations."[15]

Beyond the comfortable

"When you practice the Greater Community meditations, once you are able to bring your mind into a focused state, you will see how afraid you are of the Mystery."[16]

The mystery of the Messenger

"Who in the world has ever met the Messenger or can comprehend the mystery and the power of his presence in the world?" [17]

"The Messenger appears ordinary. He is a humble man. He will not assert himself personally. But within him is the mystery and the power of Creation, and the bridge between this world and the Divine Presence that oversees this world." [17]

The Mystery of Your Life

"You will feel frightened and uncertain at choosing to follow the mystery of your life, for Knowledge will always be very mysterious, beyond the grasp and the reach of your intellect."[18]

"When people ask a lot of questions, the real answer is the development of higher consciousness. This leads you into the mystery, where you may not be willing to go, but this is where you must go if you are going to understand. This is the mystery of your life—the mystery of what you know, the mystery of who you are, the mystery of why you are here and the mystery of what you must respond to."[12]


"The Mystery is an essential and fundamental part of your life, greater than you currently realize. It stands as the greater aspect of your reality. It represents your origin and your destiny beyond this world—the mystery of your relationships, the deeper inclinations, the mystery of the power of Knowledge and the greater intelligence the Creator has given to you, which is waiting to be discovered." [15]

"The blessings of your experience of relationship will then be given to others in ways even beyond your recognition, for the giving never stops once it is initiated. It continues to reverberate through people. This is part of the mystery of your life. For what is beneficial for you today was given hundreds and thousands and even millions of years ago and is continuing to reverberate from individual to individual. Here the greatness of the past serves the immediate needs of the present, as the greatness of the present will serve the needs of the future. Your errors occur and can be forgotten, but your successes last because they are all successes in relationship and communication. They all bring into consciousness the reality of God's life, which is a life of pure relationship."[19]


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