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"Responsibility is your ability to respond."

"If people see and hear, but do not take action, then they have not really seen. They have not really heard. It has not passed beyond the intellect to reach deeper within them. They are not really responding, and so they are not really being responsible." [1]

"Many people want power and all that they associate with power, but few want the responsibility that must go with it. Responsibility requires discernment, discretion and restraint. Can people who are relishing their independence exercise this restraint without seeing it as a form of self-repression? They can only if they realize that their power carries a responsibility and that if they do not want to create chaos around them, they must use their abilities more carefully and more judiciously."[2]

The Calling

"You are entering the age of human responsibility and cooperation. You must be a part of this, or your life will be wasted." [3]

"It is not a time to believe in a great leader, an emancipator, a savior. Humanity is going to have to save itself now. One individual would only polarize the population, setting greater human conflict, setting the stage for a war against the believers and the non-believers. No, the calling must be for the individual now, for the world will need many saviors, many guided and inspired individuals, or human civilization could fail, and that failure could be the most terrible thing that could happen to the human family." [4]

"It is a dangerous time, but for you, it is the right time to be in the world, for this is why you have come—not to hide out in fantasy, not to enrich yourself, not to pretend to be something you are not, not to live a life of avoidance and irresponsibility, but to be in the world to be of service to the world at this time, not only to meet the current needs of life, but to prepare for the future itself. Only Knowledge within you, the greater intelligence, knows of these things, and it must guide you in these matters. You must learn to yield to it and distinguish it from all the other voices in your mind and all the influences that pull upon you from the world around you." [4]

"You were sent into the world to face these things. Regardless of your personal preoccupations, regardless of your preferences, regardless of your personal condition, this is the truth of your presence in the world. You were not sent into the world a hundred years ago when there was no Intervention here. You were not sent into the world fifty years ago, before the Intervention became truly manifest. This is your time and place. This is the world you have come to serve. Ignore this, and you will not find your true purpose and contribution in the world."[5]


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