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"What is fulfillment? Fulfillment is fulfilling what you came here to do." [1]

“Your life is given to fulfillment. That is why you suffer.” [2]

"It is only when your plans for personal fulfillment are shown to be weak and fallible and unfulfilling that you will turn to Knowledge. Here profound disappointment is extremely important and holds a great opportunity for you." [3]

“Your life will become simple, direct, magnificent and demanding—all the things that lead to accomplishment and to true satisfaction. Life asks a lot of you because your prayers for peace have been answered.” [4]

Quotes About How to Achieve Fulfillment


"Look out into the world and see how people are trying to fulfill themselves, both in situations that now exist and in situations that are hoped for. Understand how much this separates them from life as it truly exists. Understand how this separates them from the mystery of their own existence and the wonder of life that they are free to encounter every moment of every day. Do not allow yourself to be so deprived.[5]

Quotes About Fulfillment

"Only Knowledge knows how to provide advancement, security and fulfillment for you. And only Knowledge knows how to do this in such a way that it does not deprive others of the world. And that your pursuit of safety, security and fulfillment becomes beneficial for others because it is guided by Knowledge." [6]

"You must understand that people are not where they need to be, and that is why they are uncomfortable, that is why they are restless, that is why they give themselves to things that are reckless. If you are going to serve God, you must let God serve you first. You must begin to make the connection. There is no fulfillment apart from this." [1]

"To God it only matters if you find and follow Knowledge and contribute the gifts of Knowledge which you are meant to contribute. This is fulfillment in this world and in all worlds throughout the Greater Community of life in the Universe." [1]

“How can you possibly fulfill yourself when you do not know who you are, when you do not know where you have come from or where you are going, when you do not know who has sent you and who will be waiting for you when you return?” [5]

“Your entire agenda for your fulfillment must now be brought into question, not to deprive you of anything of value, but to release you from a bondage which could only deceive and disappoint you in time. Therefore, accepting the hopelessness of your attempt opens you finally to receive the Great Gift which is available to you, which is awaiting you, which is meant to be given through you into the world in a way that is specific for your happiness and for the happiness of those who will naturally be drawn to you.” [5]

“When you are complete in this life, you will leave, but you will not leave alone, for in your heart you will embrace the memory and the presence and the reality of all those whom you have touched and who have touched you and there will not be any spot or residue, not even any hint, of unforgiveness that will remain behind you to spoil your gift and your giving. This is what it means to complete your work in the world.” [7]

“People who are terrified of losing are afraid to receive. The cost is always too great for them. If you are to be fully engaged in life individually and as a society, it will cost everything you have. You will end your life completely used up like a great vessel that has been emptied. It is that complete utilization that will fulfill you in this world and will make it unnecessary for you to return. You have given everything you have brought with you.” [8]

“You are trying to correct your life, rearrange your life, re-establish your life, and fulfill yourself through your relationships, your career and so forth. But it is never enough. Even if you have money, a beautiful partner and wonderful times, your longing will be even stronger than ever because it can only be satisfied by having a greater purpose in life.” [9]

“The work of the Creator is to bring you to your contribution and to prepare you, enable you and inspire you to provide this contribution to the world so that you may find your fulfillment here. There is no other fulfillment in being in the world.” [10]

“This deeper need does not mean you have no other needs, for you will still have some practical needs, psychological needs and emotional needs. But to fulfill the deeper need of the soul means that you have given satisfaction and fulfillment to your essential nature here. You could acquire wealth. You can be devoted to beauty. You could be politically involved. You can have a deeply engaging social life. You can have all the appearances of success in the world. But if the deeper need of your soul remains undiscovered and unfulfilled, you will still be impoverished and the feelings of emptiness will haunt you, driving you further into your outer pursuits as you try to mitigate or satisfy this deeper need within yourself. But you cannot do it, because it can only be fulfilled by responding to the power and presence of Knowledge and having it guide you to the discovery, the experience and the expression of your greater purpose.” [11]

"You will see that the world can offer you pleasure and sorrow, but not fulfillment. That must come from somewhere else, from a Greater Reality in the Universe and a Greater Reality that lives within you, within your Knowledge." [12]


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