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"The need for sexual reproduction can have a dominant force on people, and bond them to those with whom they have no true purpose." [1]

"Sexuality is wonderful with the right person and damaging with the wrong person." [2]

Directives on sexuality

"Do not become sexually engaged with anyone unless it represents a real partnership for you, for sexuality is a commitment by its very nature. You may think of it as a casual involvement, but emotionally it is never casual." [2]


"You must understand.There is no casual sex; there is no recreational sex. If you attempt this, you will be attempting complete union with no intention whatsoever and will risk your physical wellbeing. Nature prohibits this. That is why there are so many indigenous illnesses associated with this. It is not wise and it is not natural. It is not good for you, so do not seek this stimulation. Seek true relationship." [3]

Responsible sexuality quotes

Sexuality "serves two functions: First, it serves to regenerate the race, to provide a vehicle of entry for new life here—intelligent life like yourself. Secondly, it is a means of establishing deeper union through the body; it is a physical exercise to experience union. Beyond this, sexuality loses meaning very drastically. When you join your physical electromagnetic system—your body—to another, you are transferring energy to one another. We are not speaking of orgasm. We are speaking of uniting your physical vehicles. This has a very great impact on the body and a very great impact on the emotional self. Your nature does not discriminate at this level. If you have sex with someone, your body and emotions will attempt complete union. Your body and emotions do not discriminate. It is like digesting food. If you have this engagement with someone you are not in true relationship with, you will damage your physical system and you will disrupt yourself emotionally. You will lose energy and efficacy as a result. This depletion of your physical vehicle and disruption of your emotional nature has serious consequences if it is repeated over and over." [3]

“Sexuality is for reproduction and for union. Sexual energy is only life force experienced in a certain part of the body. Relationships must serve in the current stage of the individuals involved, yet in all stages there can be completion and progress. Serious students of Knowledge must become responsible for their sexual energy and their engagements with others. It becomes evident what must be done if this is their intent. Sexuality will not be a problem when you are with Knowledge, for you will not be attempting to use your physical vehicle inappropriately. You will experience your energy being drawn where it can be of the greatest service, and your sexuality will be for union. It will not be a problem.” [3]

"When you engage in sexuality with another, you are engaging your physical life force. If this life force is not shared within a meaningful relationship, it will be wasted. If it is wasted, you will lose energy and vitality. Physically, you will experience a loss of power, vitality and health. Mentally, you will experience discouragement, depression, a loss of vision and your sense of direction and a loss of your sense of purpose and meaning.

If you continue to engage sexually in a relationship where true purpose and meaning cannot be generated and supported, you will literally be killing yourself slowly — mentally and emotionally. You will dissipate your life force. Your emotions will become confused, and you will lose the awareness of Knowledge within yourself."


"Here it is important to observe people to learn more about them before you become engaged with them. In terms of sexuality, this is quite important. As you learn to become more discerning and therefore wiser in your decisions, eventually you will only want to have sexual engagement with one individual with whom you can become fully united. This represents wisdom. For, in truth, this is the purpose of sex. Sex is to regenerate the race and to establish union with a true partner. Sex merely for recreation or for temporary stimulation ceases to be pleasurable and is recognized as leading to grave disappointment and even physical danger in terms of illness." [5]

“Sexual union is meaningful between people who can experience real union. It should never be used for recreation. It should never be used to prove one’s worth or one’s attractiveness. It should never be used to offset loneliness. It is too serious an engagement, for there is no real casual sex. Every sexual engagement is a real engagement. At the level of nature, it is the real thing. If you involve yourself in this way with people, your life will be cheapened. You will feel used. You will lose a sense of your own value, and you will lose the sense of other people’s value as well. There is nothing to be gained here and much to be lost.” [6]

"Sexuality is very important. It is something sacred to preserve. It is where life force is exchanged in the physical world. It is an expression of vulnerability and intimacy. Do not take it lightly. Do not engage in it casually. Do not use it for personal gratification. When you engage in sexuality with another, you are engaging your physical life force. If this life force is not shared within a meaningful relationship, it will be wasted. If it is wasted, you will lose energy and vitality. Physically, you will experience a loss of power, vitality and health. Mentally, you will experience discouragement, depression, a loss of vision and your sense of direction and a loss of your sense of purpose and meaning." [4]

“Sexuality is important, but it is not the source of your worth, your identity or your self-expression. Nor is sexuality in any way the most important avenue for the expression of these things. Sexuality is something which must be properly comprehended and managed wisely. Your household must be managed; otherwise, everything turns to chaos. Your sexuality must be managed or it too turns to chaos. If your sexuality is not properly managed, it can dominate your mind and obliterate your ability to comprehend your spiritual life. This will keep you in darkness.” [4]

Irresponsible sexuality quotes

"Many relationships will be attempted for various forms of gratification: sexual gratification, companionship, financial gain, shared political or social views and even marriage itself. Here, again and again in relationship, people will attempt to use the other person to fulfill their ambitions. And again and again, this will prove to be painful, destructive and disappointing, for the other person will be attempting to use them for a similar purpose." [5]

Quotes on sexual orientation

“It is possible to have a genuine relationship within the context of homosexuality. Yet it may be more difficult to adjust together physically, and you will have problems in dealing with society because society may not accept your relationship. This will make a successful relationship more difficult. However, success is still possible and you should still strive for success. Here you must realize that because you are in a relationship that society does not accept, there will be greater challenges."[7]

"Do not attempt to use your homosexuality to define yourself. The emphasis is still the development of primary relationships. Your sexuality should be a small, essential and important part of that. If sexuality is used to experience union with one person, it is meaningful, but it should not be your identity, nor define you.

The challenge of intimacy and the challenges of meeting worldly responsibilities remain. In many homosexual relationships, people are escaping responsibility by attempting to meet their need for meaning through their sexual engagements. There is a great deal of sexual addiction here, yet the possibility for true relationship remains. In heterosexual relationships, there are also many difficulties, but the possibility for meaningful relationship remains.

Monogamy is essential. Using sexuality to build the experience of union is essential. Establishing contribution in the world is essential. Developing union and harmony is essential. The requirements of life do not change because of sexual orientation.”



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