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"But now you have begun the remembrance, slowly, surely, as your life begins to become simple and clear, as your mind begins to open from its long and troubled dream of Separation. There is the remembrance. There is the feeling that you are not alone. There is the recognition that you are not really lost as you were before. There is something more solid and permanent within you now.” [1]

Recognition of the soul.jpg

Deeper Recognition

"What you are really looking for here is Knowledge in others. You are no longer swayed by beauty, wealth and charm as you might have been before. Now you are listening for a deeper quality, a deeper spirituality, a deeper awareness. And surprisingly perhaps to you, you will not find it in many people."[2]

"There are very few people in the world who really understand you—your deeper nature and the deeper qualities that you have that even you have not discovered. At the surface of your mind, you might find much agreement, but at a deeper level beneath the surface of your mind, there are only a few who would be able to really recognize you." [2]

A Fundamental Drive

"What do people really need? They need to recognize their deeper nature. They need to be recognized by others. They need devotion in their life—to be devoted to others and to have people devoted to them. They need to fulfill their greater purpose and destiny in the world, a greater purpose that God has placed within them." [3]

"When people are denied recognition of their deeper nature, their thinking becomes aberrant. They identify with their thoughts and their possessions, and their ability to recognize others and to experience compassion is limited or destroyed altogether." [4]

Recognition of the Power and Presence of God in the World

"Recognition must be based upon a deeper experience, recognition of a greater truth, recognition of a New Revelation. This recognition occurs at a deeper level of the mind, beyond the realm of the intellect, beyond the realm of ideas and beliefs and the things that people attach themselves to regarding the Divine Presence and Power in the world." [5]

Not to Be Confused with Attraction or Stimulation

"The attractions that individuals feel for each other are not always this recognition that I speak of, which is not passionate and does not make you feel like a crazy person who has taken a strong drug and has gone into some kind of great tornado of passions. It is a deep feeling and it is calm. It is recognition, not stimulation. It is not like taking a great romantic journey. It is a calm settling down within yourself, for your True Self has just been honored and discovered through this encounter."[6]

"Wealthy people try to compensate for this by constant stimulation, by the constant acquisition of things they do not need and by trying to gain recognition from others for whatever beauty, wealth or charm they might possess. But they too are alone. Take away their stimulation, take away their possessions, take away all of their social posturing and you have a lonely, isolated person." [3]


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