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"People think surrender is a passive state where you lie down by the side of the road and give up. That is a very pathetic view. Surrender is allowing Knowledge to take over your life and give it. This is the greatest act for any person." [1]

Surrendering to Knowledge

"It is coming from within you. It is moving you. It is as if you were finding yourself and surrendering yourself all at once. Here you are giving over your authority to a Greater Power within you. It is you, yet is greater than you." [2]

"We do not speak of this in terms of passivity, for learning to surrender to Knowledge will require a greater commitment and a greater level of self-determination, self-control and participation with others than you have previously known. This activates all of your natural abilities and gives them a uniform direction." [3]

"That is why We say those who follow Knowledge will become masters of their lives, but their lives will be completely given to life, so there is no conflict. They are here to give, not to take, because they are richer than the world. The world merely renders those things that allow them to give. Thus, they have things and want things only so that they may give their lives. They are the rich ones now and the world is the impoverished place, instead of the other way around. There is a complete reversal in your experience of the world when you make the transition from personal fulfillment to personal surrender. Giving is surrender. The flower opens, gives it all away and dies. Surrender! You reap the benefits. Complete surrender: complete accomplishment." [1]

Love & Relationships

"The experience of love melts you away. Your personal side, that tiny part of your mind in which you live, melts into your Impersonal Self, or True Self, because it is overtaken. That is surrender." [4]

"Love is when God overtakes you. You have stopped running. At that time, you do not care about personal fulfillment. You only want help and you only want to know: “What is it? I give up!” Then something very powerful happens. Love starts to overtake you, and you start to have an influence on other people." [4]

"Marriage, in the truest sense, is where you experience a Greater Reality in a relationship. True marriage is not merely going to the church and taking vows. True marriage is a bonding, a surrender, a commitment. It is the bonding of your mind and body, those things which have been the pinnacle of your separate identity, to another. True marriage is a surrender of a separate life to a certain degree, and it is a commitment to spiritual growth. This is the very essence of marriage. You do not give yourself up here. Instead, you gain a greater self. Here you have not only one mind to help you, you have two minds. You not only have one body, you have two bodies." [5]


"The world will be a much worse place without your contribution. You are contributing to your race and to the generations to come. Like plants and animals, you give for the generations to come. You give all and you are spent at the end of your life. You gave all! Now you leave, happy. There is nothing else to do. But that giving cannot be natural within you until you have reached a certain threshold. It is both an empowerment and a surrender all at once. You are more self-directed, more in control of your own thoughts and behavior, but on the inside you are opening up. This can seem very contradictory, particularly to observers, but it is natural." [6]

"People want to do good and to be good. They believe that if they can surrender to God, a God somewhere out there above and beyond them, then they will find their way and find relief from the conflicts of their own mind and from the demands of society around them. This is not falling down on your knees to a foreign power but accepting the gift of the Creator within you and within others. It is uniting this gift with your own mind and with the minds of others that produces the demonstration of Divinity." [7]

The Messenger's Demonstration

"In 1982, at the age of 33, he had a direct encounter with the Unseen Ones, the Angelic Presence who had been guiding and preparing him all along. This encounter forever altered the course of his life and initiated him into a deeper relationship with them, requiring that he surrender his life to God." [8]

"And what has streamed forth from this singular individual, who has only been able to do this because of the power and the force of this Revelation, only been able for 30 years to submit to this process of Revelation and to be a husband, a father and to guide a fledgling community that through some manner found this, on their own—these individuals who themselves submitted themselves to a process of relinquishment and surrender to help him because he’s in a process of relinquishment and surrender, so that’s a miracle!" [9]

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