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"You were created to be a part of your Source. Your life is communication, for communication is life. Communication is the extension of Knowledge." [1]

"Humanity has lost its relationship with life and now seeks desperately within the realms of imagination and fantasy to find that which has been lost. Be happy today, then, that the means for life’s reclamation have been given to you so that you may give yourself to your practice and to your destiny. [2]

Our Spiritual Nature


"Your physical life is meant to serve the spiritual reality." [3]

“The meaning of your being here is entirely defined by where you have come from and where you are going.” [4]

"You are here to serve a greater purpose, beyond mere survival and the gratification of the things you may think you want. This is true because you have a spiritual nature. You have a spiritual origin and a spiritual destiny. Your failure in this life is the failure to respond to your spiritual nature, which has been distorted and maligned by the religions of your world, which has been neglected and denied by the science of your world." [5]

"Your life is communication, for communication is life. Communication is the extension of Knowledge. It is not merely the sharing of little ideas from one separated mind to another. Communication is far greater, for communication creates life and extends life, and within this is all joy and fulfillment. Within this is the depth of all meaning. Here darkness and light mix together and cease their separation. Here all opposites blend and melt into each other.This is the unity of all life." [1]

We Have a Destiny

"You have been sent into the world for a purpose. This purpose requires you to enter a new kind of life experience—a different state of mind, a different awareness of yourself and others and a different relationship with the world itself. To do these things is your destiny, you see, and destiny is everything. It is the most important thing." [6]

“Knowledge within you wants to keep you alive so that you have a chance to fulfill your destiny in the world. It will do everything it can to gain your attention and to guide you.” [7]

"From a greater standpoint, from a standpoint of Creation, destiny is everything. But it is not a destiny you created. It is the destiny that God has given you. It is why you are here. It is why your personality has been shaped the way it is. It is perfect for your true vocation in life, a vocation you have likely not found yet." [8]

Fulfilling Your Purpose

"You did not come to the world to fall asleep by the side of the road. Life is not a beach. Life is a project and a process with all the Mystery and manifestation built in." [9]

"When this life is over and you return to your Spiritual Family, they will only have one question for you, and that is whether you made your sacred rendezvous in life and gave your gifts to the world. In that moment you will know with absolute clarity whether you did or did not." [10]

"When a Higher Purpose begins to express itself through you in a manner that you can recognize and accept, you will feel at last that your life is being completely integrated."[11]

"Knowledge is not only here to re-engage you with life, it is here to give something to life, something that life cannot give you. You are here to give what you brought from your Ancient Home. It is a set of specific tasks to be carried out with certain people for specific purposes." [12]

"Your life is precious; your time is short. You have come into the world to yield something very significant and to work with other people in a cooperative venture in a specific area. The only way that this can be discovered and fulfilled is to engage with the right people for the right purpose. You will need Knowledge to do this." [13]

Serving the World

"You have come at a great time. You have come to give important things." [14]

"You did not come to sleep on a beautiful planet, but to help preserve it and protect the human family from decline and from subjugation." [15]

"Everyone was sent into the world to be in the world at this time, to face these great and emerging circumstances. So to claim it is too much for you is simply to admit your weakness and to not recognize your responsibility to prepare." [16]

"Your life is going somewhere. It has a future and a destiny. The world is going somewhere. It has a future and a destiny. How it will get there is up to the decisions you make today and the decisions that many others make along with you. Yet you do have a destiny, and this cannot be changed. How well you will fare in this destiny is dependent upon your development and the development of others. The world will emerge into the Greater Community. Humanity will eventually become one united society. Whether this emergence gives you your greatest opportunity for advancement or whether it enslaves your race is partially up to you. Whether humanity’s united society is a society of Wisdom, compassion and understanding that can tolerate diversity or whether it is an oppressive society with a cruel and harsh dictatorship that values control beyond all things, the outcome is up to you and up to others along with you." [17]

"You now have the opportunity to develop to an extent that few have had in human history. Life is calling upon this development not just for one or two individuals in the human family, but for many because many are needed now to cultivate and nourish a Greater Community perspective and understanding. Many are needed to lead humanity forward, and many are needed to contribute their Knowledge so that humanity can join together, unite itself and reach a greater level of cooperation and integration." [18]


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