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"When you go against your Knowledge, you create a fear of the unknown. This builds up over time to create a fear/resistance to the Presence."[1]

"The Ancient Voice is beyond fear. And when you respond, you are beyond fear." [2]

Fear, anxiety are clouds


“Do not react with hope. Do not react with fear. Respond with Knowledge.”[3]

"You need Knowledge to see, to know what to do and to do what you know. You need to develop in The Greater Community Way of Knowledge. That is why this must be the primary emphasis for you. Let fear not be your motivation; let wishful thinking not be your motivation. Let Knowledge itself be your motivation." [4]

"You must face discomfort, for when you break the laws of manipulation, you will feel fear because fear is what governs them. Beyond this fear, there is freedom and release." [5]

“Do not condemn yourself for being afraid, for it is natural. It is normal. It is to be expected. How could you not look at the Great Waves of change and not feel immensely threatened and disconcerted by them? But this reaction, however normal, cannot be your overall response. You must move beyond fear and apprehension to gain a greater strength and objectivity and a greater commitment. You must move out of the pathetic viewpoint of your personal mind and anchor yourself in a deeper intelligence within yourself that is not afraid of the future and that is not afraid of whatever might come.” [6]

"When you are very upset, very distressed or very angry, stop and say, 'Ah! I am afraid right now.' It is this recognition that is important. 'I am afraid.' Often this is enough to disengage you from your distress or to give you a greater perspective while you are in distress.You recognize you are afraid. “At this moment I am afraid.” Having this recognition brings you into your experience. Otherwise, you will simply demonstrate the results of your fear because fear is very captivating." [7]

Quotes about fear

“Fear is a master. It is the master of the worldly mind.” [8]

“You are driven by fear, the fear of not having, which is the source of all your artificial desires.” [9]

"To be alone is to be afraid—to be afraid of pain, to be afraid of loss, to be afraid of rejection, to be afraid of criticism, to be afraid you will not have what you need or what you want. And of course this becomes the source of aberrant behavior, dishonesty, manipulation, avoidance, distractions, indulgences, obsessions, addictions, everything." [10]

“Fear that is born of negative imagination comprises the vast majority of the fear with which you entertain yourself. This you must learn to counteract, for it is an inappropriate use of your mind, where you create an experience for yourself, then experience it and then call it reality. Meanwhile, you have not been present with life at all. You have merely been in fantasy with yourself. Negative imagination drains you emotionally, physically and mentally. It can be escalated to such heights that it can dominate your thinking altogether. For how else can you be separate in the universe except in your own thoughts?” [11]

“Much of the fear that you experience moment to moment is simply a matter of your own creation, your own negative imagination. But then there is fear that is born of the violation of Knowledge. This is more a discomfort than a fear, for it rarely carries with it any kind of imagery at all, though ideas can come into your mind as a form of warning should you be attempting behavior or a line of thinking that is dangerous or destructive.” [11]

“It is true of intelligent life everywhere that fear can be a destructive force. Yet fear serves one and only one purpose if it is perceived correctly and that is to inform you of the presence of danger."... "If you can become informed, then fear is transformed into concern and concern is transformed into constructive action.” [12]

“Here you will begin to learn the difference between fear and caution. Fear is a projection of your negative imagination upon the world whereas caution is the awareness that an error can be made. Fear and caution are entirely different experiences from one another. You need caution but not fear, for caution will not exasperate your mind or undermine your Knowledge in any way. It is part of having a healthy approach to the world if it is used with discernment and awareness.” [13]

"People who are terrified of losing are afraid to receive. The cost is always too great for them. If you are to be fully engaged in life individually and as a society, it will cost everything you have. You will end your life completely used up like a great vessel that has been emptied. It is that complete utilization that will fulfill you in this world and will make it unnecessary for you to return. You have given everything you have brought with you.” [8]

Quotes about overcoming fear

"If you will be a witness to your fear, it will disappear. If you will be a witness to what is true, it will grow. It is this in your experience that will teach you the difference, and you will not have any doubt."[14]

"One of the difficult things that the student of Knowledge must learn to do accurately is to be able to discern fear, to know when he or she is afraid and say, 'Oh, I am afraid!' When you say that, half of your burden is gone in the moment." [15]

"A balanced approach will temper your desires and will also enable you to overcome your fears, for nearly everyone is afraid of at least one of the pillars. Some people are afraid of all the pillars. Your desires and your fears will become tempered if you take this approach. This develops character and capacity. If you are driven by ambition or if you are overcome by fear, you will not be able to establish the foundation for a life of Knowledge." [16]

“Your fearlessness in the future must not be born of pretense, but born of your certainty in Knowledge. In this way, you will be a refuge of peace and a source of wealth for others. This is what you are meant to be. This is why you have come into the world.” [17]

“You are afraid of your Knowledge, for you feel that it will undermine your plans, your schemes, your preferred outcomes and your preferred relationships while, in actuality, it will only adjust everything to bring about harmony and happiness for you.” [13]

Fear in the face of the great Warning

“We come not to incite fear but to provoke a sense of responsibility.” [12]

Trajectories of fear

"At the surface of your mind, you suffer over every little thing, and you have great anxieties about your future and well-being—always the fear of future loss, always the fear of the innumerable things that can happen to you and to those that you care for.

How can you ever know anything at this level, so filled with fear and ambition, so easily distracted, so easily manipulated, so easily controlled, so easily dominated by the opinions or the determinations of others?"


“It is your Will that has become fearful to you. You are afraid of what you Know and most deeply feel. This leads you to find refuge in other things that do not represent you, and in this you lose your identity and attempt to construct an identity that is related to those things which you have sought for escape.” [19]

"Whenever you fall into the darkness of fear, you are withdrawing from Knowledge and entering the darkness of imagination. Whenever you fall into the darkness of your own fear, you are denying the reality of a Greater Power in the world and are thus losing its beneficence for yourself. Whenever you fall into the darkness of your own fear, you are following the teaching of fear, which runs rampant in the world. You are allowing yourself to be a student of fear. You are allowing yourself to be governed by fear. Recognize this and you will realize that this need not be, that you have the power to redirect your studenthood and that you have the ability to re-enter true preparation." [20]

“In your past you have been afraid of the world, intimidated by the world, angered by the world and depressed by the world. Therefore, your past contribution to the world has been limited by these reactions. You have been ambivalent about being in the world, because you were afraid of the world. Thus perhaps you have sought refuge in spiritual things, but your true spiritual nature will redirect you in the world and bring you back with greater power, certainty and purpose, for you have come to be in the world.” [21]

"It is remarkable that most people’s desires and ideology are based upon fear—the fear of not having, the fear of losing, the fear of death, the fear of deprivation, the fear of social rejection, the fear of being out of control, the fear of not knowing what to do in the face of danger. Underlying humanity’s great idealism and desires for its future—providence, wealth and affluence—is this fear. It is like the undercurrent—pulling, directing, moving people around." [22]

Quotes about fear of death

"The fear of death is a very pervasive fear. It gives rise to anxiety about the future, about the prospect for future loss. It gives rise to an inordinate emphasis on personal safety and security. It conditions people’s perception, how they view their life and their future and the whole world. It is the great price of consciousness. And with the fear of death is the loss of peace and equanimity. This is the great price of being conscious of one’s future and to be aware of the process of life and death. The animals certainly have instinctual cautions, and they will take evasive action in the face of immediate threat. But they are not concerned about their future demise or of all the myriad possibilities of what could happen to them. This is the burden of the awareness of life and death. It is the price one pays for having a greater consciousness in a world of change. It is the difficulty an eternal being must face in living in a temporary reality."[23]

Fear of Knowledge

"You are afraid of what you know, for it will change your life utterly and offer you a true possibility for happiness, which is at present remote. Until then, you will merely attempt things until you find out that they fail you.” Secrets of Heaven 156

"Nothing of value will be taken from you. It is not God’s intent to make you lonely and forlorn, but to give you the opportunity to realize your true promise so that you may proceed with strength and true motivation."[24]


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