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"The world's emergence into the Greater Community will change and challenge all of humanity’s fundamental ideas."[1]

“We are promoting Knowledge, not ideas alone, but ideas are necessary to take you to Knowledge, to aim you in the right direction, to bring you to the threshold of Knowledge. That is the greatest service ideas can provide for you. But beyond this threshold, ideas cannot go.” [2]


"Genuine learning can only come through contrast. You must see the effects of living according to your ideas in contrast to the results of living according to real experience. This is vital and necessary. This shows you the difference between living with life and living apart from life, cut off by your own ideas." [3]

Ideas are small

"Simply holding great ideas or great ideals does not enable you to actually walk the way and travel the road ahead."[4]

"People want many things, but if they are not having the deeper experience, then they are only dealing with their ideas. They are debating their ideas. They are arguing over their ideas. They are trying to understand the ineffable with their ideas! They are trying to comprehend with their ideas! That is like asking your hand to understand your mind. That is like asking a child to understand the world. The Power and Presence of God in the world is far beyond human estimation and human evaluation. True faith and true adherence comes from a deeper place, from the very soul, the very heart of you, the center of your Being."[5]

"People think they understand the Will of the Creator, but unless they are connected to the deeper Knowledge and intelligence that God has placed within them, then they are just following their ideas. People are killing each other over their ideas. People are demonstrating cruelty over their ideas. This is not where you engage with the Divine. Your ideas will fall into place once you are having a deeper experience, but you must allow the definitions to be open, for once you begin to make contact with the power of Knowledge within yourself that God has placed there to direct you and protect you, then your life will begin a process of reformation. And how can you possibly make conclusions and sweeping ideas when your life is undergoing a fundamental reformation? If you are true, you will stand aside and allow this to occur instead of trying to control it for your own benefit or to fortify and substantiate your beliefs and preferences." [5]


"Do not look at your ideas and beliefs and say, 'This is who I am because this is what I believe. This is who I am because this is what I think.' Your thoughts will change and will need to change. Allow them to change. They are temporary expedients. They are like prescription glasses that help you see, yet as your vision changes, you will need to get a new prescription. If you don't, your ability to see will decline, and you will become ever more blind to the world." [6]

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