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"Integrity means that everything you say and do, everything you are committed to, is in harmony with Knowledge." [1]

"You build your integrity and lose your integrity every day by what you think, what you say, and what you do." [2]

Compromised Integrity

"What are the behaviors that you engage in now that are not in keeping with your values or your sense of integrity? Write these down and really focus upon them. And see what kind of behaviors or activities can replace these things that would be in keeping with your values and sense of integrity?" [3]

"You may have to make compromises in your work, but you should not make serious compromises in your relationships with others. You should not make compromises regarding your personal behavior and activities." [4]

"If you engage in any activity that is out harmony with your values, then you are generating conflict and you are losing energy to that. It is robbing you of life. It is robbing you of time. It is robbing you of self-confidence. It is robbing you of your self-esteem. It is taking you away from the real focus of your life and your ability to discover the greater purpose that has brought you into the world." [5]

"Particularly in the more free nations, the democratic nations, people have such access to each other that they can indulge themselves at great damage to themselves and to other people—damaging their own integrity and the integrity of another, playing with the affections of another, pretending to be serious when in fact they have no real intentions here. Do not play these games with yourself or with others, for they produce nothing but harm." [6]

The Basis for Integrity

"When we talk about real happiness, we are talking about the satisfaction and the sense of integrity that come from really engaging yourself in your greater purpose and mission here. And to do that, you must find and follow Knowledge because only Knowledge knows what it really is." [7]

"People want many things, but most of all they need the deeper experience, the true connection, for this meets the need of the soul and begins to re-establish true integrity and balance within yourself." [8]


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