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"Who you are must be revealed to you over time, through demonstration." [1]

"Your life is a demonstration of what you are and what you value." [2]

"If you can learn from life’s great bounty of demonstrations, it will refine your vision and your idea of yourself, leaving you to discover the essence of who you are and what you must do." [3]

Demonstration as representation

"Everything you say and everything you do represent you in the world. They represent what you think and what you value, what you are contemplating and what you are avoiding. Your actions speak very loudly, louder than your words. Here you are making a demonstration of what you value and what you feel you are every day, in a myriad of ways." [4]

"Humanity at this time makes a very poor demonstration. Its great accomplishment is occurring on the individual level and on the level of small groups and associations. On the level of nations and races and cultures, your behavior is still very primitive and brutish." [5]

The efficacy of demonstration

"Sometimes you must appeal to Knowledge, not simply to tell you the answer because Knowledge does not engage in a lot of conversation, but to demonstrate it. Particularly in very important decisions, the way to go must be demonstrated because an idea is not enough. You must see it, know its value and see that it is totally relevant to your life and to your needs. This comes through demonstration." [6]

"You know, many people want to go out and share everything they learn as soon as they learn it. The problem is that they have not really learned it, and so they cannot demonstrate it. If you want to inspire others, if you want to show them something that has really been effective in your life, then you yourself must demonstrate it. This demonstration is far more powerful and effective than any words that you could say or any illustrations that you could create." [7]

"You need all of life to demonstrate both the presence of Knowledge and the denial of Knowledge. There will be so many opportunities for you if you can take advantage of life’s great demonstration." [8]

"You were made for something. It is waiting to be discovered. In this way, you find yourself, you validate yourself, you experience yourself and you witness yourself in action. What other way is there to find your true value? You can tell yourself you’re wonderful all day long, but without the demonstration of a greater ability and quality in you, it is idle talk. This is about you giving to the world, not about you looking good to yourself." [9]

"Do not simply rely upon your own incentives and values. Observe others. Do not think that you are so different from them. You could make the same mistakes they are making. Perhaps you will think,“Oh, that would never happen to me. I would never do that.” But given the same circumstances and the same inducements, yes, you probably would do that. Yet, why go through it all? Why reinvent what other people are demonstrating to you? You can only learn from them, however, if you observe them objectively, with compassion and without judgment.They are part of the hand that is feeding you, but only if you take a position as a real student can you benefit from their demonstration. Otherwise, you will say these people are good and those people are bad, these people are stupid and those people are smart. A person who is not committed to education will make these kinds of assumptions because they are easy to make and because they are self-congratulating. A student, however, will take a different approach and a far wiser one." [3]

"The demonstration of God’s presence and grace is given through the actions of people in relationship. The Unseen Ones demonstrate this. The Harim demonstrate this. Your allies demonstrate this. Your recipients will demonstrate this. You are giving something precious in a difficult situation. You must be hardworking and determined to do this." [9]

"The Mystery has its own demonstration, the most profound of which is the experience of Knowledge itself." [10]

The power of demonstration to establish

"Through those who can study and learn it patiently and effectively, the translation of Knowledge will continue because their efforts, their actions and their demonstrations in life will provide inspiration, insight and encouragement for those with whom they come in contact. The impact of their activities will be lasting and resonating. This is the evidence of Knowledge." [11]

"If a few can learn to follow Knowledge, abide with Knowledge and recognize Knowledge as the Greater Power that is with them and in them, then greater works can be done, greater examples can be made and greater demonstrations can be established. This will produce a resonating effect that will enable Knowledge to be translated from person to person in ways that are mysterious and pervasive and in ways that are lasting and meaningful. This gives a great responsibility to those who are the first generations to learn a Greater Community Way of Knowledge. They are the pioneers, for they will establish greater parameters of understanding and the possibility for the development of greater abilities." [11]

"Knowledge is your real life because it is your greater life. It is your immortal life as it exists in the world today. It is the example and demonstration of the Creator nurturing and upholding your development and your existence here within a myriad of changing conditions." [11]

The impact of the individual demonstration

"You have the possibility of becoming a messenger of inspiration. This does not mean that you simply say positive things, share exciting or uplifting ideas or promote great ideals for humanity. No, it is not this. It is that the presence of Spirit is with you, and it is regenerated through your wise decision making and through your selfless activity. Here Knowledge can speak through you, act through you and make a demonstration in the world through you." [12]

"The greatness of your mission must become known to you because the world needs its expression and demonstration." [13]

"Nations and entire populations of any world cannot be elevated all at once. Only certain individuals can be prepared to contribute to their race in order to elevate it, strengthen it and so forth. Through their efforts and demonstrations, their own society and population at large can slowly advance. Therefore, the work is done through individuals here and there." [5]

"If you can receive the gift, you will demonstrate that you have received it. It will work within you, and it will find an expression through you according to your nature and your design. It will bless you and empower you and give you depth of insight and understanding. It will give you patience and forbearance. It will teach you that you live a greater life. Through this long and wonderful process of development, you will give to others—others you can see and others you cannot see. Your life will become more and more a demonstration, and your ideas will have more potency because they will ring true. These are not temporary ideas; they are permanent ideas. They are lasting. They are meaningful." [7]

"No matter how small and specific your contribution may be in life, the importance of its demonstration and development is significant and cannot be denied. The future of the world is up to you. You can be part of the critical demonstration and contribution." [11]

"No matter what your activity or specific endeavor in life, you can become a demonstration of the presence of Grace. This will have a great impact on those who can receive your gifts and on those who can witness your acts. Grace ignites Knowledge in others. It stimulates others at the deepest level of their being. It brings with it a memory and a confirmation, however long forgotten, that there is a greater purpose and meaning in life. It is part of the reality that you have brought with you from your Ancient Home." [14]

"Even those who cannot see you and cannot recognize you will benefit as well, for there will be a greater presence of Knowledge in the world through your contribution. This brings everyone a step closer to their Ancient Home. This narrows the great gulf that separates life in the world from life beyond the physical. This brings the experience and the demonstration of God’s work in the world a little bit closer because inspiration, selflessness, contribution, benefit, kindness, compassion, love, strength and self-determination are being demonstrated and added into the world. The world needs this demonstration. People are desperate for meaning. They are desperate for value. They have lost contact with their inner lives. These qualities need to be demonstrated for them and returned to them with as little religious dogma as possible, in as pure a form as possible." [5]

"It is time now for a Way of Knowledge, not for a way where there are heroes and heroines and idols of worship. This is not the time for fantastic stories or mythology. This is a time for real demonstration, real faith and real experience." [15]

"What has allowed the greatest advancement is that information has been given to certain gifted individuals who were capable of actually producing a tangible result or carrying out a tangible demonstration in the world." [16]

Non-supportive demonstration

"A Greater Community presence can perform seeming miracles for you. They can do things that seem magical and inexplicable, and many people will fall down in belief and adoration because of this. The world is not yet prepared for the Greater Community. And there is not enough discernment amongst your people to distinguish Greater Community demonstrations from the reality of God’s demonstration." [15]

"The fact of the matter is that human beings are being scrutinized and studied. Many of the demonstrations that are made and the evidence that is left behind are to enable those who are studying human beings to have a greater understanding of how humans may respond to actual encounters." [17]

"Your visitors will be able to present any number of images or demonstrations to you. How will you know what they are doing unless you can read their intelligence?" [5]

"Many of the more obvious demonstrations of extraterrestrial presence in the world have been from your neighbors who are here to observe you." [16]

The demonstration of Jesus

"Where is Jesus today? Because of his great demonstration and because of the many misinterpretations of his demonstration and the tremendous idolization that has occurred regarding him, he is now an Unseen One in the world." [15]

"Jesus is revered amongst your people because of his example and demonstration, but even more than this, he set into motion a process of spiritual initiation, growth and development that continues to this day and which has promise for the future. The theology that has been built upon his demonstration, however, cannot survive. His demonstration will survive because it is the demonstration of Knowledge, and it calls upon Knowledge in those who can bear witness to it." [15]

"[Jesus] came into life at a unique time to render a unique service. His life was exceptional because he did not remain hidden. And he paid the price for not remaining hidden. However, his demonstration had to be very visible so that it would be remembered. Though much fantasy has been woven around his life, and though his life has been manipulated and used according to secular interests all around the world, his demonstration of compassion, tolerance and shared identity persists to this day and has great bearing for the future." [15]

"In the Greater Community, the Wise do remain hidden or they are exploited or crucified. They are misused and abused, and their gifts are lost. Only on very rare occasions are greater demonstrations made to large numbers of individuals. And these demonstrations are often final." [18]


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