Secrets of Heaven

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Secrets of Heaven

Secrets of Heaven is a unique sacred text of the New Message. Its 300 secrets were selected from the very first revelations received by Marshall Vian Summers, delivered to small gatherings in California beginning in 1983. It was published by New Knowledge Library in 2013. Secrets of Heaven takes you deep into your mysterious connection with Knowledge and with those who sent you into the world. Each secret is a window into a greater reality, illuminating God’s Master Plan, the Presence, the Greater Community, the Spiritual Families, the Mystery, your relationship with the Teachers of God, the Great Rays, Knowledge, your Greater Purpose and the Journey that awaits you.

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Secrets of Heaven: Mystery Teachings of the Angels

ISBN: 978-1-884238-90-1

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Excerpts from Secrets from Heaven

  • "In the absence of the Presence of God, all questions arise. In the Presence of God, all questions disappear." Secret 6
  • "Retreana Carvedan Celton Iy. Receive the Heart of God through your Spiritual Family that is joined about you." Secret 21
  • "Do you know whenever you are upset or afraid, it is always because you think you are alone? It is not possible to be upset or afraid if you are not alone. Indeed, the value of knowing one other is with you is enough to inspire you to do great works within your world. Only one. And yet you have thousands."Secret 46
  • "You think your enlightenment occurs within you alone. All progress is the result of relationship. Your enlightenment is the recognition of complete relationship." Secret 95
  • " Inner Knowledge, true purpose, the presence of the Teachers—all sound an inner calling that must grow in strength and scope as it is attended to and utilized, recognized and applied. All that is in contradiction to this at some point will be recognized and relinquished as unwanted, as merely hindering that natural return of the heart." Secret 179
  • "Now many of you will perhaps ask, “What is my purpose?” and we will respond again and again by offering you the means for regaining it. Is your purpose a definition? Is it merely a job in the world? Of course not. It is an experience that has grown to proportions great enough that you can share it with others." Secret 201
  • "Those of you who have tried to follow the religious traditions of this world with no success, why is this? Is it because these traditions are corrupt or fallible? No, that is not the reason. It is because they only reach a certain part of you. They do not reach your complete self. They do not cleanse all of you. You cannot wholeheartedly give yourself to them. They are incomplete for you. This is because you have emerged out of a greater religious tradition. This is the tradition that you have worked in for many, many years. Therefore, the reclamation of this tradition is essential for the development of your spiritual life. It may be difficult to accept this at first, for it seems that you are dabbling in fantastic things. Yet the truth is that you are seeking for your religious tradition. If you cannot find it in the traditions of the world, you had better look elsewhere, for this world does not represent the religious traditions of the entire galaxy." Secret 283

A Word from the Publisher

“For the young,” says New Knowledge Library publisher William Burrows, “it’s especially critical that the rubber meets the road spiritually—how will spirituality help me make a way for myself in the world?” Titles such as Marshall Vian Summers’s Secrets of Heaven, a collection of short mystery teachings, which the author says were revealed by the Angels of God, and The New God, described as a revelation of God’s true nature unbound by human belief, “are reaching a new generation who may not identify with the New Age.”

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