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"Do you think that the plan calls for a bunch of dreamers? Ineffectual, impotent, lacking in courage? We assure you this is not the case. Strong you must be - gentle, sensitive and strong."[1]

"Within life there is Knowledge and there is fantasy, but life itself is Knowledge." [2]

Fantasy and reality

"Fantasy will always paint a grand picture for you, but it has no foundation in reality. Only those who attempt to fortify each other’s fantasies will attempt relationship with each other for this purpose, and their disappointment will be mutual, for which they will be inclined to blame each other." [3]

"Doing what is necessary will engage you with vitality in life, for life in the world, in all its forms, is engaged in what is necessary. This at first seems oppressive to human beings, for they are accustomed to living in fantasy, where everything is preferential and nothing is really necessary. Yet it is when something is really necessary in life, even if it is a dire circumstance, that people are able to liberate themselves momentarily from their fantasies and feel purpose, meaning and direction. This, then, is a gift to humanity, but people usually give themselves this gift only under dire circumstances." [4]

"Knowledge is your salvation, for it leads you out of your hopeless predicament which is born of attempting to live in fantasy and imagination. It leads you into the brightness and the clarity of reality. It guides your action and your thinking so that both may be effective and lead to true self-realization." [5]


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