Love and fear

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"Fear is a master. It is the master of the worldly mind. I do not call it an entity because that gives it a significance that it does not have.Yet, it is a force that people share and generate. When people stop doing that, of course, fear will disappear.You cannot say the same for love because you are not the source of love. But you are the source of fear. If everyone stopped loving, love would still permeate the world.That is why people have been unable to get rid of it. We do not recommend, then, a prescription for removing fear by simply saying, “I will get rid of the fear and all there will be is love, happiness and peace of mind.”You know what? It does not work! Fear is too strong.You cannot say fear is nothing if it dominates the world. In a Greater Reality, fear is nothing, but in your reality it dominates the world."[1]


  1. Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume One, Chapter 25: Escaping Fear

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