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"Your greatness must not be based merely on hope or high expectation. It must not be founded on idealism but on true experience." [1]

"Without Knowledge life is hopeless, for you are without purpose, meaning and direction."" [2]

"You are not alone. Therefore, there is hope for the world." [3]


"Think of yourself as working for others as well as for yourself. This will strengthen your resolve and your commitment. You will then be able to use each day to bring greater strength, purpose and hope into the world."[4]

"Have hope because a Greater Power is in the world. But do not think that this makes you passive. Do not think that this lifts from your shoulders the responsibility that always accompanies the reclamation of Knowledge." [5]

Hope and Fear

"The problem with hope is that it is a cover for fear. The only real hope you have is that Knowledge is with you and that you cannot lose Knowledge. That is true, but beyond that, hope is simply an adaptation to the existence of fear." [6]

"You cannot be living in conflict and hope to have a world of peace."[7]

"When you are hiding, you want to forget you are hiding because hiding is fearful and not really fun.You do not want to be fearful all the time, so you try to make hiding fun. But it is not fun, for you are alone and estranged in a very harsh reality that you hope will be kind to you.You hope there is a God, but you hope that you will not meet God today because meeting God today would be too much. But you hope that God is there when you need God. It is like being a child who does not want to be around his or her parents but hopes the parents are there in case trouble arises."[8]

"Because fulfillment is always being threatened by everything, hope and fear become the preoccupying factors of your life—hope that you will have more tomorrow and fear of losing what you have today.The only way that you can participate in hope and fear is to be completely absorbed in your own thinking, which is what separation means. Here in this world it is hoped that technological advancement will erase all difficulties in life, but that is not the case.[9]

Hope as Inattention

"The world is emerging into the Greater Community of worlds. How can you recognize this if you are preoccupied with your own concerns, your own hopes and your own ambitions?"[10]

"You cannot stay where you are mentally, psychologically and emotionally and have any real hope of surviving and benefiting from the great change that is coming."[11]

Hope in Technology

"Here in this world it is hoped that technological advancement will erase all difficulties in life, but that is not the case."[12]

Hope in Spirituality

"True spiritual training is very disappointing.Why? Because you find that your philosophy, your idealism and your hopes must be left at the entrance to the temple."[13]

"Suffering is when you long for something that cannot be or when you long for something that you do not really want.That is suffering. What attends that kind of suffering is hope and disappointment. Hope recommits you to your suffering and disappointment offers escape from it."[13]

"Some people think this means that they can be passive and hope that some day God will do something for them—hopefully tomorrow, not today, and that if they sit back, God will give them some great avenue to travel."[14]

Processing Hope

"Ask yourself what you really know and distinguish what you know from what you think or hope for or want for yourself or your world, what you are afraid of, what you believe in, what you cherish and what you value." [15]

Hope Rekindled

"With the New Message Teaching, humanity now has great hope.For the first time, spirituality is being presented at the level of Knowledge. It is a great calling. It is a great gift. It brings with it wisdom beyond what humanity has ever established. It calls people out of the shadows—out of conflict, out of controversy, out of addiction, out of tragedy—to respond to a world in need."[11]'

"Hope in the world is rekindled by those who become strong with Knowledge. Hope can fade away and then can be reignited. It can seem to come and go, depending on how people are swayed and what they choose for themselves. Hope rests with you. Because the Unseen Ones are here does not mean that there is hope, for without you, there would be no hope!"[16]

"You who have lived under the weight of your own imagination, you who have been a prisoner to your own thoughts and to the thoughts of others, you who have been intimidated and threatened by the appearances of this world now have hope, for true freedom abides within you. It awaits you." [17]

"Your ancient relationships are indeed alive and are present now to give you hope, certainty and empowerment."[18]

"In your giving, you will remind the world that it is not bereft of hope, that it is not alone, that you are not alone, that others are not alone and that all the deepest inclinations for hope, truth and justice that others feel are not without foundation, but are born of Knowledge within themselves." [19]


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