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"Great Revelation comes into the world perhaps once in a millennium, at a time of great need, a time of great change and at a time of great opportunity. You can perhaps feel the need and see it growing around you, even within yourself. You can perhaps see the evidence of great change happening all around you and across the world. But the opportunity is something you may not see, for it speaks of this time and the times to come. It does not reveal the great care and preparation that has been made to bring Revelation into the world once again at a time where the need and the change and the opportunity are so great that God must speak again." [1]


Driven by necessity

“It will be the necessity of facing the Great Waves of Change and cooperating to meet its challenges that will unite humanity at last. Humanity will not be united because of an agreed political agenda or shared ideology or shared religion. It will not be the result of a natural reconciliation between cultures, nations and groups. It will be generated by a very fundamental truth—the truth that united you can succeed, but divided you will fail.” [2]

“It is this great threshold that will finally give people the common need to join together, to unify their abilities. Only a greater need that confronts every person can do this. The growing environmental and social problems of the world will require a new unity as well, but the Greater Community will be the real motivating force.”[3]


"While the Great Waves represent an immense danger and tragedy for humanity, there is also a redemptive power to them—if you can respond to them appropriately. They can bring clarity and purpose to your life. They will require selfless actions and a deeper commitment to your well-being and the well-being of others. The Great Waves of change will draw you away from personal addictions and self-obsession, requiring of you greater service to the people around you. They will break your attachment to wealth and pleasures that are unhealthy for you. They will give you purpose, meaning and direction. They will organize your mind, your actions, your thinking, your behavior and the beneficial use of whatever resources you have at hand."[4]

"Whatever is holding you back in your life, whatever form of self-obsession or self-conflict is holding you back will have to be overcome out of necessity. You will have to either sink or swim. And you must swim. In this, there is a power of redemption.

Here Knowledge within people becomes stimulated and strengthened. A deeper conscience within people becomes activated. Here people collaborate, bringing their unique strengths and talents to bear to solve the innumerable problems that the Great Waves will generate.

And you have a New Message from God in the world to prepare you, to alert you, to empower you and to empower all the world’s religions to be of the greatest service and benefit to humanity at this great turning point in your evolution."[4]

"It is to rescue you from these things that the Revelation is given—to rescue you from weakness, to rescue you from disappointment, to rescue you from anger and avoidance. A Great Love calls to you, and it calls to the Great Love that is within you for it to emerge and become the center and source of your life. Until this happens, you will not realize how blessed your life is, how fortunate you are to receive this communication. Until you have traveled on this pathway and see how it liberates your life, you will still be in doubt concerning it." [5]

"So do not look upon the Great Waves of Change only as a tragedy or as a great danger, but as a calling, as a requirement—a calling and a requirement that can restore and redeem you, that can call forth Knowledge within you and the great gifts that you have come to give, gifts that will be determined by the very circumstances that are emerging now." [6]

"The Great Waves of change, though immensely dangerous—so dangerous they could crush human civilization—provide another alternative, and that is for nations to cooperate, to assure for their own populations and for their neighbors as well, the availability of the essential resources of life. Instead of spending fortunes on building huge military empires, they will have to spend fortunes on building food production and the purification of the world’s rivers and the transportation of food wherever it is needed and the relocation of vast populations who are now driven from their homes and their lands because they cannot live there anymore. Their priorities of government will change dramatically. Their priorities of financial investment will change dramatically. The people of the wealthy nations will have to accept the prospect of having to take care of someone who must escape a desperate situation, to take an individual or even a family, if possible, to provide shelter and a home for them." [7]



"Humanity has never had such a challenge. It has never faced competition from beyond the world. This competition is occurring now because humanity has created an infrastructure that other races can use—worldwide commerce and communication. Humanity is also developing dangerous powers. Should it become more powerful militarily, then intervention here would become more difficult in the future. And if humanity should really become educated about the realities and challenges of life in the Universe, then intervention such as occurring today would not be possible. You would be too aware and too strong for such an intervention to be successful here." [8]

"If you can hear these words, you will understand their great meaning and bearing on your life, for you are not apart from the evolution of the world. The assumptions that you rely upon and the establishments of society that you rely upon for your safety, security and continuance will be challenged and will change. The ground will move beneath your feet again and again. Walk lightly. Keep your eyes open. Greater Wisdom within you can teach you how to negotiate the changing circumstances of your life—not only how to negotiate them but how to contribute to them so that this great period of transition into the Greater Community and towards a one-world society may be accomplished with minimal stress, danger and destruction." [9]


"In contrast to a world of mad pursuits, frantic activities and dangerous involvements, what greater gift could you be given than a part of God to live within you? It is not a spirit that visits you occasionally when you are in dire straits. It is not a benediction given to you after fervent prayer. It is a living reality within you. As you learn over time to come to Knowledge and to take the steps to Knowledge, you will have a foundation for self-trust, and this will give you a basis for releasing self-doubt." [9]

“Therefore, you have an opportunity now to have your greater purpose revealed to you in the face of the Great Waves of change, in the face of the Greater Community and in the face of all the uncertainty and unanswerable questions that they present to you. This is the gift. This is the promise. This is the doorway through which you must now pass.” [10]

Quotes from Marshall Vian Summers on the Opportunity

"Anything that has ever really happened in the world of any real significance has always had to face almost insurmountable odds. And so I feel that we have a chance, we have a real chance now."[11]

"This is our opportunity. This is our opportunity to bring something to people that they’re reaching for but cannot get from their religions, cannot get from their government, cannot get from culture and society. You know there’s a lot of people I think in the world today who have a real, what I call a Greater Community history, to them. Somehow they have an innate connection to life in the universe. They have an innate interest in them, a pull, a draw. You know they could end up being astronomers. They could end up being ufologists. They could end up being just natural stargazers. But there’s many people in the world today I feel and I’m seeing from the response, that have this natural desire to know, this need to know. But who can answer their questions? "[11]


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