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"It could be said that the experience of Knowledge is the experience of profound honesty. This is the result of wanting to know the truth above and beyond all other considerations.” [1]

"Honesty is not knowing what you feel. It is really feeling what you know." [2]

"Are you living the life you know you must live? That is the question. And the honesty of your answer will be important." [2]


"All falsehoods begin with what you tell yourself. All self-deception begins with what you tell yourself. All errors in discernment and discretion begin with what you tell yourself." [3]

"To come to the realization that you do not really know what you want for yourself or the world, is a profound position of self-honesty. It is a real reckoning within yourself."[4]

"Tell yourself a lie, and you will lie to others. Alter the truth to yourself, and the representation of truth to you will be altered as well." [5]

“Being accountable to your ideas is not honesty. That is deception. You must be accountable to something greater within you, which will motivate you to go beyond your ideas, to outgrow them if it is necessary.” [6]


"When Knowledge begins to move in your life," ... "You will seek a greater honesty from people, a greater responsibility in people and a greater resonance with people. You are no longer driven simply by your psychological, emotional and practical needs." [7]

"With greater honesty, how can you be astray in your relationships? If you are telling the truth about what you are doing and what you are looking for, then others will know how to be with you." [8]

"The key word in relationship is honesty. This is what requires that you investigate yourself—your motives, your thinking, your behavior. This requires that you share yourself with others to learn of the meaning of your own self-expression and to experience yourself as a contributor. This means that you must respect others and therefore learn constructive ways of expressing yourself.” [9]

How to be honest

"You begin with what you tell yourself. Whatever you tell others is based on what you tell yourself. If what you tell yourself is untrue, then what you tell others will be untrue. And though you will think that you are being honest because you are being consistent, it will be very difficult for you to unravel the layers of deception that you have succumbed to." [10]

"When you make a proclamation or a judgment, ask yourself, ‘Am I really being honest with myself in making this proclamation or this judgment?’ In considering the New Message from God that is now in the world, ask yourself, ‘Am I honestly considering this?’ Ask yourself, ‘Am I really being honest in my relationships?’ Ask yourself, ‘Am I really being honest regarding my work?’ Ask yourself, ‘Do I really know how I feel about my relationships?’”[11]

"Review all your relationships, seeking a deeper response from yourself, a deeper honesty, a deeper reckoning. Not playing life for its advantages, but penetrating life for its real truth and direction. Not being a coward. Not being a fool. Not being a slave to the wishes of others or to your own cultural conditioning. This is honesty." [2]

"The correct attitude must also include the willingness to correct anything that obstructs the reclamation of Knowledge—those beliefs, those attitudes, those ambitions, those cherished needs and those personal demands that infringe on and limit your ability to experience life as it is, as it will be the next moment and as it is destined to be in the future This takes great courage and a desire for honesty. Indeed, this far exceeds most people’s definition of and boundaries for honesty. Here you must continue to push the boundary of honesty and come back to what you know, which is distinct from what you want or believe." [12]

"You must gain this greater perspective, but you must also express your feelings constructively, you must understand the condition of those people who have upset you or disappointed you. You must do the work at this level as well, for until you do, you are not emotionally free. You are not emotionally honest, and you will pollute your current relationships with your unforgiveness from the past." [13]

In the light of the New Revelation


"The New Message is entirely honest, and it asks you to be entirely honest—a level of honesty that most people do not even consider." [14]

"It is the integrity, the honesty and the desire of the heart that will count and that will enable you to receive the New Message for yourself and to understand its importance for the world." [15]

"People will have to face the reality and the meaning of the New Revelation. They will have to face their response to the Messenger. They will have to face the consequences of either succeeding or failing in this encounter. It will be a great test, a test of integrity, honesty, clarity and wisdom." [16]

"Your ability to recognize the Revelation will be determined by how deeply you can experience your own nature and the honesty you bring to your own self-inquiry and to what you tell yourself." ... "The wise will respond. The honest will respond. The sincere will respond because they are honest and wise and sincere." [17]

Honestly following The Way of Knowledge

"In learning The Way of Knowledge you become fundamentally honest. You take life as it is. You face life as it is. You do not try to pretend." ... "Real honesty requires the willingness to face anything that you have to face." [18]

"God has placed Knowledge within you to guide you and to protect you and to teach you how to live in harmony with your environment and with each other. It is oriented to the truth, to what is real and genuine and authentic, what is honest and what is compassionate." [19]

"Knowledge within you" ... "is not governed by social conditioning. It is not persuaded by the persuasions of the world. It does not bow down to those whom you think you must please and whom you must serve. It is clear. It is compassionate. And it is entirely honest." [2]

"How far you go on this journey depends upon the level of honesty that you have within yourself. How you express this freedom, how far you take this freedom, depends upon your self-awareness and your honesty within yourself. Honesty here is so central to the freedom journey." [2]

Facing the Great Waves of Change

"To honestly look at the world is to realize that its mounting difficulties are exceeding human capacity and understanding." [20]

"If you are really honest, you will have to see you do not have an answer, that your intellect alone cannot solve everything here. If you are honest and allow your feelings to emerge, you will see that already you sense the approach of great change in the world." [21]

A greater life

"You are being prepared for a greater life, with greater strength and integrity, but you must submit and receive and learn to become truly honest with yourself about your deeper intentions and your greater responsibilities in being here." [14]

"We call for a greater honesty within you, an honesty that responds to Knowledge and is not governed or controlled by your will or your ambitions. Then the time it takes to come to terms with what you really know and what is really genuine in your life can be effectively shortened, which saves you time, energy and a great deal of suffering." [22]


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