Judgment Day

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"There is no final judgment day. That is ridiculous. God knows that without Knowledge you can only make mistakes in this life. You will live a life of compromise and frustration, anger and resentment." [1]

Judgment Day a fantasy

"Here you will have to let go of your notions of Heaven and Hell and your belief in a final judgment day and all of these things, for they will not fit with the greater reality that you are entering." [2]

"There is no Judgment Day here where you go before the great judge, and your life is evaluated, and if you are good, you get to pass through and go to Heaven, and if you are bad, you are sent down below into some hellish or terrible state. That is a complete fantasy. That is used by religious institutions to make people obedient or to scare them into good behavior or to threaten them with punishment—endless punishment in some cases. But that is not what happens at all. People who think like that must think of God as a really terrible being! Fierce! Cruel!" [3]

"Why would God punish you when you were placed in a world where making mistakes was so easy, and the chance of becoming wise was so slim? God understands that without Knowledge to guide you, the deeper intelligence that God has placed within you and created within you, all you could do would commit errors." [3]

“God is not a judge. There is no Judgment Day where everyone comes forward and gets evaluated based upon their good deeds and their bad deeds, and the good ones are sent to Heaven and the bad ones are sent to Hell. God would never send anyone to Hell. Why would God attack a part of God’s Creation? Why would God condemn those who could only make a mistake without the power and the presence of Knowledge to guide them? This is a projection of human values and human concepts. And yet many people in this world and in other worlds believe fervently that this is the case.” [4]

“There is no Judgment Day where if you failed in one life, you go to everlasting Hell. This is a purely human invention. But the consequences of not finding your purpose and trying to live without it are very real and are evident every day in your thinking, in your demeanor, your behavior and your experience. Without this purpose, you are living a kind of Hell—a Hell that is beautiful, but a Hell where you can never be happy, where you are never really at ease with yourself because you have not been honoring your deeper nature.” [5]

"In the end God will win everyone back, even the most wicked; they will just have to work longer to redeem themselves, they will have to give more to counteract their harmful impacts upon others." [2]

“God will not force redemption upon you. That is why there is no Judgment Day in the universe. God knows that without Knowledge to guide you, you would make foolish and often terrible mistakes. God knows that without Knowledge to guide you, your life would be full of error and difficulty, confusion and uncertainty. This is what has created the world that you see. It is the world where individuals are living without the awareness of Knowledge.” [6]

“In the Greater Community, there is no Judgment Day. That is a projection of human grievance. People want God to judge others who they themselves cannot stand, who they reject or who they hate. They want God to exact punishment that they are either unwilling or unable to exact themselves. They want justice, and so they think they know what justice is and that God will exact this justice for them.” [7]

Not the end of the world

"It is not the end of time. It is a great transition. It is not the end of the world. It is a great reckoning and a new time of Revelation. Many things will come to an end. Many ways of life will have to be altered. Human understanding will have to change. Human responsibility will have to grow. Human compassion will have to grow. Human forgiveness will have to grow. It will seem like the end of time, like the whole world is coming down on you - a time of cataclysmic change and upheaval. But this is really a time for humanity to grow up, to become wise and to prepare for its future." [2]

"Humanity will face war and conflict on a scale it has never known before. There will be suffering at a level never seen before in this world. Religious people will think it is the end times, it is the Apocalypse, it is the coming of the Messiah, but all it is, is the failure of humanity. All it is, is the violation of the natural laws of the world. All it is, is the product of human ignorance, greed and the failure to respond to what God has placed within you to see, to know and to do." [8]

"This will be the Apocalypse, but it will not be an Apocalypse with a wonderful or just outcome. It will be the Apocalypse of failure. It will not be the Apocalypse of good overcoming evil. It will be the Apocalypse that will be the result of human ignorance, greed and injustice." [8]

"These are not the end times. These are the times for a new beginning. This is the era of human unity and cooperation, for only this will save humanity from the great peril it has created within the world and from competition from other forms of intelligent life in the Universe around you. The New Message from God describes in detail what these two great phenomena mean and why they must be met with courage and commitment." [9]

“There is no Creation Story. There is no final culmination to all experience that you can conceive of. So what then is religion without a Creation Story, without a final culminating experience and without a Judgment Day? Clearly, if religion is to be of service to its peoples, it must have a deeper foundation. It cannot be a story or a threat.” [7]