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"You must come to Knowledge with open hands, an open heart and an open mind." [1]

"The gift is pure, and you must be pure of heart to receive it." [2]


"Allow your heart to follow its natural course." [3]

"Let not the power of the world’s frustration and confusion overtake you today, but hold the light of God within your heart." [4]

The content of the heart

"It is the integrity, the honesty and the desire of the heart that will count and that will enable you to receive the New Message for yourself and to understand its importance for the world." [5]

"The beliefs and fascinations, obsessions and fantasies of humanity are not what move God. It is the deeper movement of the heart and the conscience." [6]

"If your heart is full of grievance and anger, hatred and resentment, even if life gave you opportunities, gave you social power or gave you political power, you could only usher in a new form of oppression, for oppression is always filled with anger, fear and resentment. It always runs counter to the natural state of human beings that the Creator of all life has created. To effect social change, there must be compassion, tolerance and patience." [7]

The need for a change of heart

"There are so few people in the world today who are really where they need to be, doing what they need to be doing, and that is why, in the minds and hearts of people everywhere, there is a discomfort. There is a frustration. There is a lack of peace, and contention. There is anger. There is a yearning." [1]

"God will respond to the turning of your life, to the opening of your heart, to the emerging need of the soul, the deepest need you have, which is the need to fulfill your purpose as the means of reconciliation." [8]

"If you are not being with Knowledge and responding to Knowledge, then you are a slave to other forces. You are a slave to the expectations of others. You are a slave to your personal positions. You are a slave to your need for security. You are a slave to the expectations of certain people. You are a slave to your own fear and your own desires. And as a result, you are really pathetic. Whether you are poor or rich, you are spiritually poor. You are bereft. You are empty." [1]

"To prepare for Knowledge, you must recognize a certain fundamental need within yourself. You must feel this need and separate it from other needs that may be more personal or immediate in nature. This basic need represents the yearning to discover your real purpose in life. Along with the recognition of this need must be the realization that your many attempts to fulfill this need through love, through affluence, through excitement or through stimulation have not satisfied the greater yearning of your heart." [9]

Recognition of Knowledge through the heart


"Though your senses will perceive the form of things, your heart will experience the essence of things, and this is how things will become known." [10]

"You will welcome Knowledge within your heart, for it will be known to you, and it will resonate within you." [11]

Knowledge "does call to you to respond and to open your mind and your heart to it so that you may reunite with the greater aspect of yourself that bonds you to all life everywhere." [12]

"To be wholehearted is to be with Knowledge." [13]

"You can only be wholehearted about something that represents your Ancient Home from which you have come. You cannot be wholehearted about anything else, no matter how attached you may be to it, because to be wholehearted means to embrace something totally. This is only possible at the level of Knowledge." [14]

"We speak to the human heart, not to the intellect that wants to have everything figured out and wants to adhere to its notions, its beliefs and its traditions." [15]

"True faith and true adherence comes from a deeper place, from the very soul, the very heart of you, the center of your Being. Here you are not separated from the Creator." [16]

"If what you are feeling, thinking and expressing is really not in keeping with Knowledge within yourself, then it is not really honest. If what you are thinking and saying does not have your heart in it, it is really not honest. Perhaps it is the normal thing to say, the expected thing to say. Perhaps that is how you feel in the moment. But if it is really not authentic in your experience, then it is not really honest." [17]

"If you can listen with the heart, you will see and know that this is the great Message for your time and for the times to come." [18]

The authentic call of the heart

"The Angelic Presence that is here will respond to the yearning of the heart and the soul. They will respond to what is truly being communicated and expressed through your requests, through your prayers. You may think you want your business to work or for some outcome to happen for a certain person, but really it is often about something else. For at the basis of your request is the desire to be reconnected to the power and presence of God within yourself and the power and presence of God that exists within this world—in people and beyond people, all the way to the Angelic Presence." [19]

Strength of heart

"This is a period of transition, which will be difficult and turbulent. Its opportunities and demands will be tremendous. Its risk of failure will be substantial. It is not a time for the faint of heart or for the weak minded." [20]


"The blessings of the Creator are with you. May you have the courage and the openness of heart to receive them." [21]


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