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Mental Environment

"Beliefs are removed from reality. The best thing a belief can do is help you to interpret reality, but the belief is not reality itself."[1]


"You must go beyond belief. You must open yourself to have profound experiences within yourself. Instead of following your thoughts, you must learn to still your mind so you can feel the deeper reality that exists below the surface.” [2]

"You must want the truth above and beyond any other advantage, or your desires will blind you, and your beliefs will lead you astray."[3]

"Ideas and beliefs, hunches and associations must be flexible in life because as you develop, you will outgrow the things that you relied upon before."[4]

"You will need to suspend many of your ideas and beliefs about people and about the world. Many of your assumptions that you find to be self-comforting now will only weaken you and make it more difficult for you to see what you need to know and to do."[5]


"Do not think your beliefs about religion or religious leaders or even the great Messengers are absolute, for they are all relative in terms of time and space and change. They are only an approximation, for the mystery and grandeur of God is so much greater than people think."[6]

"You realize your thoughts are only approximations, that your beliefs, even if they are helpful to you in making this discovery, are only temporary things, and their only value is to bring you to this mountain and enable you to begin the assent. If your ideas and beliefs are bringing you closer to the discovery, to the experience of your real purpose in the world, then they are helpful. If they are not, then they are not helpful. There are no neutral thoughts. There are no neutral beliefs. There are no neutral positions." [7]

“The mind is an important tool, but it is not the platform for ultimate truth. Belief and ideology can be helpful at the beginning, but a hindrance towards the end. You must step beyond the pavement into the wilderness because God is there.” [8]

Mental constructs

"Beliefs have a temporary service, to give you the framework in order to re-experience an experience that you have had already."[9]

"Your beliefs are not reliable because they are merely a collective set of agreements between people. If they are based upon false assumptions, then everyone is agreeing upon something that is inherently untrue and inaccurate."[10]

"People believe many things, but they know very little. They are living at the surface of the mind, which is turbulent and chaotic and governed by the winds and the passions of the world."[11]

"The mind needs certain things that are concrete in order to establish a foundation or a belief system. Without a belief system, the mind is in a state of chaos and cannot be focused in any direction. This is what insanity is—when the structure of the mind, or the structure of thinking, has broken down to a point where even the will of Spirit cannot work through it. Here the mind has fallen into disarray and dysfunction. Therefore, the mind needs certain assumptions and familiar surroundings, at least to a certain point, in order to function effectively. Just like the body needs food, water, shelter and clothing and a certain amount of soothing, the mind needs reassurance, compatible relationships, a stable environment, at certain points, and new ideas. These are its needs. Neglect these needs, and the mind will fall into disarray, and you will not be able to have a healthy relationship with it."[12]


"It is not important whether you believe in our presence or not. This can only be known, and belief adds little testimony to it." [13]

"It is the tendency within this world—and indeed within all worlds—to identify with a concept or a belief, to identify with a thought system, instead of preparing yourself for a direct experience. Indeed, some thought systems claim that this is their goal. Yet the experience must come first. If the experience does not come first, the thought system will be the goal and not the means towards attaining something greater." [14]

"Beliefs are like the glasses that you wear. They either help you see or they do not. They are either the right prescription for you or they are not. And over time, your perception will change." [15]

Concentration and influence

"The person who has a deep conviction and a deep sense of belief will exert a greater influence than someone who is only entertaining or considering an idea. People with conviction will be able to do far more and will have much greater impact in the world. They will be able to influence other minds."[16]

"The mind can believe, but belief is weak and vulnerable to influence and persuasion. But Knowledge, the deeper intelligence that the Creator has provided you, is beyond manipulation and deception. It cannot be corrupted by any power, be it human or extraterrestrial.” [17]


Contrasted with The Way of Knowledge

"You will need more than belief to appreciate, comprehend and follow what God has given you to see, to know and to do." [18]

“Within this book, We are not giving you all the answers. We are not telling you everything, for there are certain things that you must find out about on your own. For We do not want to engender belief. We want to engender Knowledge.” [19]

"For some, the realization of Knowledge is devastating in that it discounts so many of their personal beliefs." [20]

"Belief guides primitive people. But Knowledge has to guide advancing people, in this world and throughout the Universe." [21]

"What returns you to God is to follow what God has put within you to follow, not what you believe. Your beliefs either help you or are hindering you from discovering the power and the presence of Knowledge within yourself.”[22]

"Belief will not get you into your Ancient Home, your Heavenly state, because belief is too weak, too temporary. When you leave this world, you will not have any beliefs. They all pass with the body. You will just be there, you as you really are.”[23]

"Idealism of any kind stands in the way of the reclamation of Knowledge. It is a choice for belief over experience, for ideas over relationships, for self-importance over truth. Even for those who have very lofty ideas about themselves and the universe, their ideas, which may seem harmless within themselves, become a great restraint in The Way of Knowledge."[4]

"Belief systems are only temporary expediencies at best. They simply orient you toward your next step, and once this step is taken, they are largely set aside." [24]

"The Revelation is beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect. It is beyond the realm and reach of beliefs and ideology. For God does not create belief. God does not create ideology. God only gives you wisdom and clarity and a high standard to live by. You are either able to adopt these things, or you are not. To adopt them, you must adopt them compassionately, without using them as a weapon to oppress others or to condemn others. To condemn others to Hell and damnation is to misunderstand God’s Revelations, both present and in the past." [25]

"When you become strong with Knowledge and Knowledge can shine through you more greatly, you will look at other people and they will seem like they are living in chains. Rich or poor, they are living with a yoke, like oxen pulling a wagon, the wagon of their beliefs. And you will begin to see what real liberation means, and where the power of liberation comes from, and how it is available to people of all faith traditions and people without a faith tradition, people from all nations, lands and cultures. God does not discriminate. God knows that not everyone can follow one teacher, one teaching or one tradition. God does not function at the level of doctrines and beliefs.”[2]

"Many people have never gone beyond their beliefs. They have never found Knowledge in a real and substantial way, and so they do not see that there is life beyond their beliefs. There are even people who think that life is belief—whatever you believe is what you will live and experience. But this is only valid at the level of perception."[15]

In the Greater Community

"They are controlled and controlling and follow patterns of thinking and behavior that are firmly established and strictly reinforced. They might seem to empathize with your ideas, but it is only to gain your allegiance. In traditional religious institutions in your world, they will seek to utilize those values and those fundamental beliefs that can serve in the future to bring you into allegiance to them." [26]

"Your spirituality must be sound. It must be based upon real experience, for values and beliefs, rituals and traditions can be used and are being used by your visitors for their own purpose." [26]

"Our religious focus and beliefs were also influenced by the visitors, who showed interest in our spiritual values but who wished to give us a new understanding, an understanding based upon the collective, based upon the cooperation of minds thinking alike in unison with each other. This was presented to our race as an expression of spirituality and achievement. "[27]


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