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The Intervention

"The Intervention seeks not to destroy you, but to use you, to use you for their own purposes. This is a reality you cannot escape, and the deception that will be cast upon the human family and the pacification that it will cast upon the human family to submit and to acquiesce are very strong and compelling. Having lost faith in human leadership and institutions, people will look to other powers in the universe to guide them, believing fervently that a beneficial force will come here to restore and to save humanity from itself. It is this expectation, this desire, however unconscious it might be, that the Intervention will utilize for its own purposes." [1]

"The persuasion and the inducement that will be placed upon your world are very powerful and very compelling. Many people, by their own inclinations and by the weakness of their own position in life, will be very attracted to this persuasion. And yet, it is but a deception. It is a seduction. Then seemingly with humanity’s general approval, the Intervention can begin and can be fulfilled without violating any restrictions that prevent invasion, conquest, and so forth." [2]

"To those governing powers observing the Collectives who are intervening in your world, it must appear that humanity welcomes the presence of the Collectives. It must appear from the outside that humanity is in favor of this Intervention. That is why there is such a great effort to secure emissaries for the Intervention and to have individuals in positions of power and leadership advocate for the presence of the visitors and affirm the visitors’ promises of greater wealth, power, freedom and peace. Can you understand what we are telling you here? This is a deception, both within your world and beyond." [3]

"They need the human infrastructure. They need human government and religion. They need your assistance to establish their operations here fully and reliably. And they will provide you a semblance of your former life in order to maintain human order and allegiance to the best of their ability. In order to accomplish and to maintain this, however, they will have to establish a very deep network of deception that we have been describing all along." [4]

"There are entire teachings being introduced into the world now that teach human acquiescence and the suspension of critical abilities and value only that which is pleasurable and comfortable. These teachings are given to disable people’s ability to access Knowledge within themselves until people reach a point where they feel they are completely dependent upon greater forces that they cannot identify."[5]


"There are many voices now that will speak to humanity, voices from the Greater Community. Their messages will be delivered to individuals to be given to the world. Many of these messages will be the same or very similar—encouraging Contact, encouraging trust, encouraging compliance and discouraging resistance, discouraging doubt, discouraging further inquiry and discouraging the asking of questions."[6]

"There will be many attempts to induce you to become involved in receiving gifts of technology. There are many commercial forces who would seek to have you as clients and to gain control and access to many of the important resources of your world. The inducements will be great. The promises of wealth, peace and power will be great."[7]

"You can become addicted to certain kinds of things—things you do not need, things that are unnatural for you, things that weaken you. These are substances, these are drugs, these are possessions, these are forms of technology, these are forms of stimulation—there are so many inducements in the Greater Community to entice beings who are far stronger than you mentally into wanting these things or to becoming dependent upon them."[8]

"Straw man" tactics

"This is a very difficult and dangerous situation, for the visitors will use human allegiance and their human emissaries to carry out their destructive activities in the world. It will not be the visitors who will destroy those who will not and cannot cooperate. It will be the visitors’ human counterparts, their human representatives, who will carry out such destruction. In this way, the real nature and purpose of the Intervention remains hidden and such acts of violence will simply be attributed to human error and to human violence and demonstrate the need for the Intervention. For the visitors again will say, “Look at these terrible acts of violence! We are not violent. We do not come with weapons of war. We do not destroy you. This is the result of human ignorance and human depravity. We will teach you how to outgrow all of these things.” So even the violence that is perpetrated by the Intervention will be used by the visitors to support their superiority and to contribute to the illusion that they themselves do not use deception, manipulation or force to gain their advantage." [9]

"While the Intervention will present itself to its believers and its advocates as a benign and spiritual force, in reality it will be supporting the very forces that undermine humanity’s integrity, its unity and its self-confidence. The Intervention will undermine people’s belief and confidence in their leaders and their institutions, thus fostering a vacuum of confidence that can easily be shifted to a foreign power that is presenting itself as a benign and advanced race." [10]

The deception of the powerful

In government

"To those in the corridors of power in your governments, those individuals who are deemed receptive and cooperative, the promise of greater technology and even world dominion will be presented. This can be presented either through the Mental Environment as ideas sent into the minds of these individuals, or, as has already occurred, there may be face-to-face encounters with the visitors themselves. And what will they offer humanity? They will offer humanity some of their basic technology, certainly nothing that they consider to be advanced, unique, secret or sacred to them—basic propulsion in space, basic use of electronic energy, methodologies of production. They will not teach power in the Mental Environment, for they do not want humanity to have this power unless it is completely controlled and directed by the visitors themselves. And who in your corridors of power could resist such a temptation? Many will succumb. They will see in these offerings wealth, power, control, domination and enormous advantage over their fellow humans and over other nations with whom they are competing directly. Only those individuals whose Knowledge is strong will be able to recognize the deception and resist the temptation presented in these inducements." [9]

In riches

"People in positions of great economic power and wealth, if they are deemed cooperative and receptive, will be reached as well. And again, who amongst them can resist such a temptation, such a promise of wealth, power and control? And yet these inducements are but a deception—a means of engaging other people in the activities of the Collective, a means of establishing a strong liaison." [9]

In religion

"Leaders of your religious organizations will be given the promise of pre-eminence in your world. Even their beliefs will be acknowledged, yet this is but deception again." [9]

Immunity from the visitors' deceptions

"Though the visitors have a superior technology, the success of their entire mission rests upon their ability to persuade and to encourage human allegiance. You have the power to resist this. You have the power to see through the deception. It is not technology that you need now but awareness, discernment and inner conviction." [9]

"Their defenses can be penetrated, their secrets can be uncovered, their activities can be revealed and their deceptions can be comprehended by those who are strong with Knowledge and who are free to see, to know and to act." [3]

"You have to demonstrate your displeasure with their presence and with their activities. You have to demonstrate sobriety regarding their inducements and their deceptions." [3]

Immunity from all deception

"Knowledge is the deeper Spiritual Mind within you. It is the only part of you that is unaffected by the Mental Environment. It is the only part of you that is free from deception and manipulation." [11]

Deception of the Personal Mind

"What is freedom to the personal mind except the right to surround itself with more and more layers of deception and to offset its sense of isolation and misery with fruitless and desperate attempts at happiness?" [12]


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