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Mental Environment

"To be intelligent means you are living in the moment and preparing for the future—the two fundamental aspects that require intelligence." [1]

"Intelligence is the desire, the willingness and the capacity to learn and to adapt." [2]

"Intelligence emerges from Knowledge. It is the ability to see, to know and to act. It is the ability to carry on an activity or action in the world effectively. Intelligence is Knowledge and Wisdom working together. It is the truth and the mechanism for expressing truth working in harmony together." [3]

“The more you can become educated intellectually, recognizing the realities of the world rather than merely human ideas about it, the more Knowledge can move through you and direct you correctly. But be very clear that intellectual brilliance does not represent the power of Knowledge. People can be brilliant, but utterly blind in the rest of their lives and affairs—be as foolish as anyone, make the most ridiculous decisions, be convinced by the most unconvincing persuasions.”[4]

A deeper intelligence

"Your mind and imagination are floating above the surface like clouds, but down on the ground there is a deeper intelligence. It is solid. It is real. It is permanent. It has greater strength. It is certain. It does not vacillate from day to day, like your intellect or emotions. It is not prone to persuasion and denial, like your intellect and emotions.." [5]

“This Intelligence must guide the intellect, or the intellect will continue to be dominated by its reactions to the world, by its ideas and fixations. When that is the case, you cannot see; you cannot know; and you cannot respond when Heaven is giving you wisdom and signs to hold you back, to keep you from moving in a direction that does not represent your destiny.” [4]

In the Greater Community

"In the Greater Community, intelligence is measured in this way: It is the desire and ability to adapt and to respond to life. Now, with this definition of intelligence, humanity does not look like it is doing very well. Creating new gadgets and toys to play with does not represent intelligence if you are not responding to the environment and to your deeper inclinations. The mind is not working in service to the Spirit if it cannot respond to the Spirit and if it cannot respond to the body—either your personal body or the body of nature. And what merit is there in having a wonderful philosophy if you cannot feel the movement of your own life. When presented with The Greater Community Way of Knowledge, what value is there in having wonderful spiritual ideas, beliefs and assumptions if you miss the opportunity for preparation altogether.[6]

"Intelligence in the Greater Community is highly regarded, not only for what it can produce physically, but for what it can know and perceive. That is why intelligence is considered to be a commodity, something that can be exchanged, acquired, controlled, used, and so forth. In fact, intelligence is considered even more valuable than technology. This is a very important fact and represents a new understanding for the human community, where due to a lack of competition with other intelligent life, intelligence has not been developed sufficiently, especially when one considers the capabilities that humans really have and how these can be used for good and for greater accomplishment." [2]

"With all accomplishments, there are risks. There is a risk in gaining greater intelligence. The requirements of your life become much more demanding. The consequences of your mistakes are greater. Only the man or woman of Knowledge can successfully undertake this and remain relatively unburdened by the disadvantages that greater intelligence will bring about. The fact that you live in the Greater Community is a beneficial aspect here, for it will temper any arrogance that might arise. It will tend to hold these things in check to a certain degree. This is the blessing of realizing that you live in a larger arena of life.[2]


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Further Study

  • Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume II, Chapter 14: Intelligence