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"Look around you at others, and their striving, their desperation, and the lack of depth and meaning that they demonstrate. People around you will teach you the results of living life without Knowledge. In countless ways they will demonstrate this. So do not be in judgment of them. Do not condemn them, for they are teaching you to value your own integrity. They are demonstrating that nothing else will satisfy this or take its place." [1]

"Much of what holds people back in life is their unresolved feelings and judgments regarding their relationships, even relationships in the distant past. These feelings and judgments act as a kind of dam, holding people’s feelings back, arresting them in place, influencing their perception of other people and disabling them from being able to be emotionally open and accessible to their children and to other people." [2]


"Listen to others so that you may experience yourself listening, for it is not your task to judge the world or to determine where and how your gifts should be given. It is your task to experience yourself in life and to allow Knowledge to arise, for Knowledge will give itself when and where it is appropriate. This allows you to have peace, for you are not trying to control the world." [3]

"To develop this quality of self-observation, you must be as free of judgment as possible, for judgment disables you from being observant." [4]

"To the extent that you look upon another with judgment, you will judge yourself. You do not want your judgment upon yourself, so do not judge another." [5]

Knowledge represents a greater judgment, but it is a judgment that is very different from your own, for it is not born of fear. It does not possess anger. It is always meant to serve and to nourish. It is just, in that it gives true recognition to every person’s current state without belittling their meaning or their destiny[6]

"You do not judge in the moment because you need to see and know and recognize what you are looking at. This is discernment. You cannot be discerning if you judge things outright. Yet beyond this discernment, you must see clearly if something is good or not."[7]

Judgment of the World

"Be without judgment of the world. If the world were a perfect place, you would not need to come here. If the world were a place that functioned harmoniously, without friction or conflict, this would not be the place for you. The world represents all aspects of the human condition, from the highest to the lowest." [8]


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