The Separation

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"You are still isolated and struggling in a world that does not seem to care very much about you." [1]

"Your predicament is you are living in Separation, and you are a stranger to yourself." [1]

"Part of you lives in Separation—the personal part of you; the worldly part of you; the part of you that is conditioned by your culture, your religion and your family to such a great extent. But deeper down, the center of your Being part of you has never left God." [2]

"Because the Separation was never completed, the process of the reclamation of the separated, your reclamation, is underway."

The New Message on the Separation

"Separation created this reality, for God knew that the separated must have a foundation upon which to exist. And it has set in train the physical Universe that you are only beginning to comprehend and that you must learn to serve and to recognize if you are to outgrow its fascinations and to forgive its tragedies. Creation beyond this is beyond your awareness now though you are actually living within it, for the temporary creation is happening at another level. You are already surrounded by the permanent creation, but your eyes cannot see it, your ears cannot hear it, your fingers cannot touch it because your senses were only established to recognize physical things—things that are moving, objects that are moving, sounds that are changing. The Greater Reality in which you live is all around you. You have never left it, but given your reliance upon your senses, you cannot experience it directly without a certain kind of preparation." [3]

"The Separation is fundamentally a problem in perception and communication and awareness. There have been very few individuals in the history of humanity who have been able to break through the veil that seems to separate this physical, temporary, changing reality from your permanent reality, that represents your Ancient Home, where God is known, where you are known, where there are no questions, for there are no conflicts, where change does not exist for it is not needed." [3]

The freedom to choose separation

"God is giving you the freedom to live in separation because that was your initial decision, you see."[4]

Beyond comprehension

"What created the Separation is beyond your comprehension, as is the Separation itself, but you live with its effects every day." [4]

Not complete Separation

"When the Separation from God began, you could not separate completely because a part of creation is within you, and has stayed within you, and you cannot get rid of it. It is as if God goes along for the ride." [5]

Not actually Separate

"The Separation was never really created. You cannot be separate from your Source, and that is why there is no Hell and damnation. There is only the process of reconciliation. No matter how long it takes, that is the end result. You are a contradiction, and your decision is what voice you will listen to within yourself." [6]

"How else can you be separate in the universe except in your own thoughts? You cannot actually be separate from God. You cannot actually be separate from Knowledge. You can only hide in your own thoughts and weave them together to create a separate identity and experience for yourself which, though quite demonstrative, are in fact completely an illusion." [7]

"Part of the reason that people do not want to feel the Presence is it casts in doubt everything that they are attempting to have, to be and to do. It casts in doubt the reality of Separation itself. If God is right there, if Creation is right there, even your Spiritual Family, whom you barely remember, is right there, then what is this reality you are experiencing in the world? How real is it? How important is it?" [8]

"You must not call physical reality an illusion, because it is a reality. It is not a permanent reality, it will not last forever, but in time and in your experience it is a reality. It is more real to you than your heavenly state. It is more real to you than the reality of God." [9]

Service to Separation

"Because you have entered separation, you must now serve the Separation, you must serve people and life existing in this separated state."[3]

The end of Separation

"The world will motivate you to find the truth for it offers you nothing." [10]

"You can delay, but you cannot change the path that you must choose. You may complain about the state of the world as you perceive it, but is it not merely a manifestation that your substitutes for happiness are failing you at last, and did you not unknowingly bring this about? Your state of separation is failing you, and you cannot escape this realization. Its miseries come to your attention every day."[11]


"In the world you seem to be alone, as does everyone else. It appears that loneliness is your state here, that only if you are fortunate do you find someone to share your life with meaningfully. Certainly this is in contrast to your Ancient Home, where everyone is included and everything is complete." [12]

A Place for the Separated

"The universe was created as a place for the separated to live."[2]


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