The Engagement

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Within the New Message from God, the Engagement refers to your engagement with your Spiritual Family, with the Presence, with Knowledge, and ultimately with God.

The Engagement is also the name of a revelation of the New Message, received by Marshall Vian Summers in Esfahan, Iran.

Quotes on the Engagement

"Being with God is an intense experience of love, calling and purpose. The more you focus on this, the more it melts aware the icy cold of separation, like the sun melting the ice off of the mountain." [1]

Wanting the Engagement

"It is a natural desire, more natural than anything else you are doing or could do in the world. It is the Engagement."[2]

Being with the Presence

"Your Teachers represent your Spiritual Family that are beyond the world. They hold the memory of your origin and your destiny for you, which you must learn to realize through your experience in the world."[3]

Questions to bring to the Engagement

"'What do I need to know, What do I need to remember?' Asked another way, 'What would You have me remember? What would You have me know? What would You have me see? What would You have me hear or listen for? What would You have me do?'.....Oh God, what would You have of me?" [4]

Obstacles to the Engagement

"Obstacles arise when you take you mind off of the goal." [5]

The Need for global Engagement

"The process of engagement with your Spiritual Family now becomes something that must be shared with the world and not simply held in secret in monasteries or in secret teachings and so forth. Even though the vast majority of people will not be able to understand it, will not see its importance or its significance, it must be shared and broadcast because the time has come for humanity to arise in its own defense, to unite to save the world and to unite to face the reality of life in the Universe—life from the Greater Community."[6]


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