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"As your Family members gather within you and about you, they render to you all that they have learned."[1]

"Your Spiritual Family is comprised of both the relationships that you have fully reclaimed thus far in your overall evolution in physical life and those relationships you are meant to reclaim now and in the future. Your Spiritual Family is your learning group." [2]

A Great Group Is Assisting and Cheering for You

Understand "what Spiritual Family really means. Try to understand that it is intrinsic to you. You did not choose it. You are simply born of it. It represents your accomplishment in Knowledge thus far."[3]

Relationship with your Spiritual Family

"The purpose of two members of a Spiritual Family meeting is to activate Knowledge and to generate true contribution." [2]

"A Spiritual Family is an experience and not a definition."

"Your Spiritual Family represents a small learning group that has been developed over a long time. At your stage of development, you work best in small groups. That is why your Spiritual Family represents a small group. Not all of your Spiritual Family live within this world. Some of them exist in the Greater Community. Not all of your development has been in this world because you yourself have had experiences of the Greater Community." [4]

"You have a relationship with your Spiritual Family. This can be experienced, but you must become close to your Spiritual Family. You will become close as you come closer to Knowledge within you because Knowledge and your Spiritual Family are inextricably intertwined. One will remind you of the other." [5]

"Your Spiritual Family is comprised of both the relationships that you have fully reclaimed thus far in your overall evolution in physical life and those relationships you are meant to reclaim now and in the future. Your Spiritual Family is your learning group. This means that you are not only an individual, you are also part of a group." [2]

"What gives you the strength and the power to make decisions is God and your Spiritual Family, who are devoted to your spiritual emergence. But still, the power of decision must be utilized by you." [6]

"You have relationships with others in the Greater Community of worlds because this world is not your only home. Your network of meaningful relationships exists far beyond humanity because humanity is but one colony of intelligent life amongst many who dwell together in the Greater Community. You have relationships there, and for you these relationships may be very primary because they are relationships with members of your Spiritual Family." [7]

"You have known each other from before. Yet your experience of one another is not born of past life experience, but of creation beyond the physical reality entirely. You have had past life experiences with many individuals who are not part of your Spiritual Family. Your Spiritual Family is a small group. Yet you have had past life experiences with thousands and thousands of individuals." [2]

"Do not think that your Spiritual Family is some obscure idea. It is the very fountainhead of your well-being. It is the greatest establishment in your relationships. It represents the truest affinity that you can yet experience. It represents the greatest opportunity for relationship while you are in the world." [2]

"You have friends beyond this world because your Spiritual Family has its representatives everywhere." [8]

"Nothing in the world can separate you from your Spiritual Family." [2]

"Members of the same Spiritual Family can ignite Knowledge in one another and, therefore, provide the context for true initiation into spiritual awareness and power." [2]

Personal relationships "are the primary arenas for learning. However, there are greater contexts for relationship within the Greater Community and within your Spiritual Family. your capacity to experience relationship and affinity and your capacity to express yourself constructively with people must be cultivated first in order for you to wisely and successfully encounter intelligent life in the Greater Community. Building this capacity will enable you in the future to have a direct encounter both with your Inner Teachers and with your Spiritual Family."[7]

The Unseen Ones

Your Inner Teachers "are the advanced members of your Spiritual Family. They are the members of your Spiritual Family who have graduated from learning in the physical reality. Now they must assist those who remain behind so that your Spiritual Family may move forward." [9]

"It is members of your Spiritual Family who have made all of your progress possible." [10]

"Your Spiritual Family sends messages to you to help you though you may not hear much of what they have to offer, but that will come in time as your mind settles down."[11]

"Your Spiritual Family beyond the world is supporting your spiritual development by communicating to you through the Mental Environment. " [12]

"Your Spiritual Family is with you now. Those who are not in the physical reality are with you now and you can experience their presence. This will be your experience of spiritual presence. Your Inner Teachers will help to cultivate and nourish these growing associations so that your experience of spiritual presence and your ability to experience affinity with other people may grow." [2]

Higher Purpose

"You were sent into the world by your Spiritual Family, those assembled to help you, those you are connected to already." [13]

"You have come into the world to serve your Spiritual Family." [2]

"You are undertaking your development not only for yourself, but also for your Spiritual Family." [9]

"You were sent into the world by God to serve your Spiritual Family. You were sent to initiate and reclaim relationships, to recognize your gifts, to allow them to be expressed and to undergo a lifelong process of preparation, each stage of which is necessary for you and necessary for those who will know you. The success of your life will be for you and for those with whom you become engaged." [7]

Seeking your Spiritual Family

"People are always seeking their Spiritual Family. They seek it in personal relationships. They seek it in political causes and in religious causes. They seek it in peace, and they seek it in war. They do not know what they are seeking, but to be alone in this world is a terrible destiny. Yet, you are not alone. Before you came into this world, you were not alone, and those who were with you then are with you now." [14]

"At a certain state in your development, you will respond to those of your Spiritual Family, for they are kin to you in a way that you cannot describe. Deeply felt it is. You will know them. You will feel drawn. You will attempt to give reasons for your attraction, but you cannot, for it is a bond that runs deeper than your understanding. Stronger than your decisions it is."[15]

“Eventually you will experience great relationship with those in your outer life, but first you must experience the source of your great relationship in its true establishment already. Then it is a matter of merely transferring it to the world outside, which you will do naturally in time.”[16]

"You may find a member of your Spiritual Family, but you may not be able to participate together because neither of you are ready." [2]

"We assure you, you have come to seek your Family. Whether you can accept this idea based on your previous beliefs is something that you must deal with at the outset, but we can assure you that you have come to seek your Family."[17]

I Am Not Alone


"It is true that the network of Teachers is grand indeed. Great it is, beyond your imagination. It spans the entire universe, and all of the galaxies that have been created. For the Spiritual Families cannot be limited by time or space. Beyond all dimensions they reach, into the Heart of God. These are the Great Rays, for at the highest level, they become pure light, pure expression."[18]

The return to your Spiritual Family

"When you return to your Spiritual Family after you leave this world, they will look at you to see if you have accomplished your task, if you made the deeper connection. And you will know if you have or you have not. There is no judgment and condemnation, only recognition here." [19]

"When you leave the world, you go home to your Spiritual Family. You go home to inherent reality, with either your mission completed or your mission left undone." [12]

"When this life is over and you return to your Spiritual Family, they will only have one question for you, and that is whether you made your sacred rendezvous in life and gave your gifts to the world. And in that moment you will know with absolute clarity whether you did or did not. There is no punishment here, but the weight of failure is great. It means you will have to try again, and go through the whole process all over again. That should be incentive enough to encourage most people to proceed." [20]


"Do not think you have met a member of your Spiritual Family because this can only be known, and here its value will only be determined by what you can do together." [2]

"Be glad that you are part of a Spiritual Family, for this gives you the discernment necessary to seek out those individuals with whom you must learn and with whom you are meant to become engaged." [2]

Freedom "is a gift that you as an individual and you as a member of a Spiritual Family must advocate for, preserve and protect." [21]

"Ultimately, you will need to transcend your ideas about Spiritual Family in order to experience your own Spiritual Family." [2]

"Accept that true marriage is inevitable for you because you are married to your Spiritual Family and your Inner Teachers already." [2]

Born of it.jpg


"You have come into the world to serve your Spiritual Family. Some members of your Spiritual Family are in this world at this time, some of them are in other worlds and some of them are not in physical reality at all. You have come into the world for your own advancement and for the advancement of your group. As your group advances and expands, it will be able to join with other groups, and then, like rivers joining with one another into greater and greater flowing bodies of water, you will find your way home to God, which is the source and destiny of all relationships." [2]

"If you are a piece of a puzzle, then your Spiritual Family is a large body of pieces that have already joined." [2]


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