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"Your life is communication, for communication is life. Communication is the extension of Knowledge. It is not merely the sharing of little ideas from one separated mind to another. Communication is far greater, for communication creates life and extends life, and within this is all joy and fulfillment. Within this is the depth of all meaning. Here darkness and light mix together and cease their separation. Here all opposites blend and melt into each other. This is the unity of all life." [1]

"That is why when Knowledge begins to move in your life, and you begin to feel that you have a greater destiny here and that this really is essential and central to your life and to the importance of your relationships and activities, you will begin to make this transition from independence to interdependence. You will seek a greater honesty from people, a greater responsibility in people and a greater resonance with people. You are no longer driven simply by your psychological, emotional and practical needs. There is a greater need now, and it requires a much deeper and more complete level of communication and relationship with others." [2]



"In communicating to people, do not try and prove yourself. That is not communicating." [3]

Mind and body as vehicles for communication

"Yet while you are here, you need to value your physical body highly because it is meant to be a vehicle for communication in the world. You need to value your mind highly because it is a vehicle for greatness in the world. Thus it can be said that what is small serves that which is great, and this gives what is small all the meaning that it has." [4]

"The tragedies that you perceive within your world are minor. All they do is destroy the communication process. The purpose of attack is nothing other than to disable communication." [5]

"The mind, when it is not predominated by fear for its physical or social survival, will only want to use the body to express itself. This is what people mean when they speak of creativity. Creativity is where the body is being used as a vehicle of communication for the mind. Yet what gives the mind all of its meaning as a vehicle of communication is its service to a Greater Power. For the mind is a medium between the spiritual and physical. A medium is something through which power from one level gives power to another level. As power passes through your mind it is expressed through your body into the world." [4]

Communication at different stages of development

"Generally, there are three different stages of development in communication. The first stage is the inability to express yourself. The second stage is when you feel you have to express yourself. And the third stage is when you do not need to express yourself except on rare occasions to certain people. These three stages represent the three stages of development in a human being: the stages of dependence, independence and interdependence." [6]

Discernment and discretion in communication

"There is communication to inform and then there is communication to connect. It is important not to confuse the two. They serve different purposes and follow different pathways." [3]

"Communication to inform is to usually to provide information and sometimes to plant ideas and images in your listeners. There is no disappointment here if that is your purpose. Yet if you try to connect in this situation, there will be disappointment and frustration. In each approach you have to build skill and awareness to become effective with practice over time." [3]

"The man and woman of Knowledge have a great impact upon others. They are not frittering away their energy with meaningless conversation, analysis or speculation. Because they are holding their communication within themselves, it is growing and becoming more potent. They are not constantly dissipating it by running off to their friends, telling everything that is going on with them and sharing all their deepest experiences in order to get it out of their system. No. The man and woman of Knowledge are holding it in their system so that it can grow in power and become more focused. They want to hold their energy now—to harness it and focus it— rather than expending it as soon as it is experienced." [6]

"My words about communication may sound simple in theory, but they take much practice to become really operational and effective. Always remember with people, you are speaking to the Separated who have been conditioned and shaped and damaged by the Separation. And remember that there are many different approaches to use with different people. Your tool bag must have many tools in it, not just one or two. As there is not just one medicine for all the people in the hospital, there is not one cure or approach for all the people whom you will encounter."[3]

Communication as revelation

"Communication will be coming into your mind, and you will know that it is not a product of your own thinking or imagination. This is a very subtle revelation, but its impact is enormous. It comes as the result of a great deal of preparation and advancement in exercising a greater purpose in the world." [7]


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