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"God will not save humanity by driving away the evil, by ending the problems that humanity has created or the problems it must face as a natural part of its evolution. To think of this is to misunderstand your relationship with the Divine, as you now live in a state of Separation. But the Separation was never completed because there is a part of you that is still connected to God. This We call Knowledge. And this will prove to be the decisive factor in the outcome of your personal life—the meaning and the value of your life—and whether humanity can prepare, adapt and create in a new world, in a new set of circumstances." [1]

"You may pray urgently to God for salvation, for guidance, for redemption and for protection, but God has already given you a perfect guiding intelligence. Whether you are a part of a religion or not, whether you practice a faith tradition or not, wherever you live, whatever your culture, whatever your financial position, you have the great endowment living within you." [2]

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  1. The Recitation (April 1, 2011)
  2. Navigating the Difficult Times Ahead (September 29, 2008)