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"All is not well. That is why the New Message is here." [1]

"Your peoples are facing persuasion, inducement and pacification from their contact with those who are in your world today."[2]

"There are those in the Greater Community who are more powerful than you, just like you are more powerful than the deer in the field. They can outsmart you, but only if you are not looking." [3]

"The Intervention has been functioning here with little human resistance for many decades. Its plans are now in a mature phase, waiting to exploit

human weakness,
human division,
human superstition and
human expectation

to their own advantage to gain control of the world and the world's precious resources. Their goal is

not to eliminate humanity
but to use humanity as a workforce, as a subservient workforce,

to maintain the appearance of normalcy as long as possible while the power and authority over the world has shifted to foreign powers."[4]

"It is

your weakness and
your conflicts,
your ignorance and
your superstition

that these particular races from the Universe will prey upon. They could take control of the world without firing a shot, for they are skillful in manipulating the thinking and perception of others. That is their strength. That is what they are using now and will use in the future." [5]


"Do not fortify your sense of helplessness or sense of unworthiness by attempting to place a happy or benevolent sentiment upon them." [6]

"True honesty brings about the ability to wait, the ability to evaluate oneself constructively, the ability to discern, the ability to not speak when it is appropriate, the ability to speak when that is appropriate, the ability to follow a Greater Power within you, the ability to abide with what is known and the ability to avoid or step away from that which is harmful or untrue. You do gain strength from all who practice with you, for every mind that attempts to engage itself with Knowledge strengthens all other minds in doing so as well. In this you cast your influence upon the world. In this all others who seek to serve true purpose cast their influence upon you. This counteracts the ignorant forces of the world. This counteracts the destructive forces in the world. This casts its influence on all minds to begin to awaken.” [7]

"In dealing with the presence of the Intervention, should you experience it in any way, it is so important that you not become emotional. Do not become loving, do not become fearful. Be neutral. And if it is directed at you specifically, tell it that you recognize its deception and you will not support it. Make yourself an undesirable subject for their usage. Tell them you'll resist them with every fiber of your being, and they will not choose you to become part of their human group of representatives. You will cease to be a desirable subject for their study or experimentation."[4]

"Here you must come not with hopeful expectations or with dread or fear, but with a greater sobriety and clarity of mind. Do not approach the Greater Community wanting things for yourself, hoping and believing that those whom you will encounter will provide these things for you. For this is unwise and will rob you of the discernment that you must have to see clearly and to be able to discern those opportunities that are beneficial from those that only appear to be beneficial. This is the wisdom one must utilize within one’s own world, for this is a universal truth." [8]"


"The Creator of all life wills that humanity repair a world in decline to preserve human self-sufficiency and thus secure human freedom and independence in this world. The Creator of all life wills that humanity emerge into this Greater Community of intelligent life in the Universe as a free and independent race able to sustain itself, able to establish itself, able to learn the Knowledge and wisdom it must gain in order to function within this larger environment." [5]

Targeting Human Weakness

"They consider you valuable. However, they do not consider you to be their peers or their equals. Useful, that is how you are perceived. So, in all whom they will encounter, in all whom they will take, the visitors will seek to engender this sense of their superiority, their value and the worth and the significance of their endeavors in the world." [9]

"Even today, many people believe that advanced technology is the same as advanced ethics and morality. They assume that if a race has survived over a long period of time that they have by necessity overcome the predisposition to competition, conflict and war. [10]

"The Intervention is here to cast persuasion over the world, to gain control of the minds and hearts of people. It is doing this by offering people incredible promises of salvation and free energy, promising humanity peace and equanimity, offering advanced technology in order for humanity to become dependent on these foreign powers. And like the foolish natives of so many tribes before, humanity is acquiescing to these promises. Having lost faith in human leadership and human institutions, many people are now turning to the Intervention for guidance, believing its promises of peace and technology." [11]

"They will take advantage of what people want, particularly those things that people want but have not been able to gain for themselves, such as peace and order, beauty and tranquility. These will be offered and some people will believe." [9]

Targeting Human Division

"Humanity is not united. It is broken apart. It is in contention with itself. This makes you extremely vulnerable to outside interference and manipulation."[9]

"If they wished to destroy us, we’d be dead already. Because they have not attacked or invaded us, they must be here for our good."
"To think that you would be attacked is wrong, and to think that because you have not been attacked that the forces that are here are beneficial is wrong. Both are based upon false assumptions. Therefore, the conclusions are incorrect."[12]
"The Alien Intervention is not here to attack humanity but to persuade humanity. The Intervention needs a compliant humanity to work for it and to engage with it to become part of its Collective." [12]
"Why hasn’t a Greater Community force come to colonize the world and taken it over?”
"There are several important reasons for this. The first is that the great biological diversity that you enjoy and that represents such splendor in your world poses a great dilemma for advanced races, many of whom have evolved in more sterile environments. Living here is difficult because of the biological diversity itself.
Another disadvantage to your world is that human beings live above ground, which is not preferred by most advanced races. Underground settlements have proven to be far more effective and accommodating, especially when you are actively engaged with other Greater Community powers. This gives you greater security and a greater opportunity to protect your physical resources and your population at large. However, living underground isolates you from biological elements in the outer environment, thus making you more susceptible to illness and attack by other kinds of organisms. This presents an interesting truth in the Greater Community: The more safe and secure you become, the more vulnerable you are.
Therefore, while your world is splendid in its diversity and in its abundance of plants and animals, it also poses a great difficulty for Greater Community visitors to dwell and to abide here with any degree of freedom and mobility. Yes, they can visit you and travel about. Yes, they can do marvelous things. However, they cannot live on the surface very effectively. That is why there is a great attempt now to interbreed with humanity in order to gain this adaptive biological advantage. Mix Greater Community social cohesion and intelligence with human physical endurance and you have a race that, indeed, can abide within the world." [13]
"All extraterrestrial voices claim to be reliable and offer insight not otherwise available to us. The Allies tell us all other sources are unreliable. Why should we believe them only?"
"Those extraterrestrial visitors who have been potentially beneficial to humanity have all retreated from the world in the face of the Intervention. Those remaining are alien races who are not here for our benefit. This leaves us in an unambiguous situation regarding the extraterrestrial presence. This enables us to clearly see what we are dealing with. Otherwise, it would be impossible for us to tell friend from foe."[14]
"To be able to discern friend from foe in the universe, you must know the difference between your strength and your weakness, for your foe will speak to your weakness, and your friend will speak to your strength."[15]
"The unpopular truth is that the human family is not ready for a direct experience of Contact and certainly not ready for an intervention. We first must put our own house in order. We do not yet have the species maturity to engage with other races in the Greater Community from a position of unity, strength and discernment. And until we can reach such a position, if ever we can, then no race should attempt to directly intervene in our world." [16]
"There is a reason that people cannot speak of these things in public because it has been discouraged in the social discourse. That foreign craft are flying in your skies is an undeniable reality, and yet people do not want to think of it. And if they do think of it, they want to think of it in a positive way—that something wonderful is happening, that you have visitors, and they are here to help you, to guide you and to prepare you to meet the difficult challenges emerging in the world today." [17]

Targeting Human Superstition

"It is understood by your visitors that your spiritual desires and inclinations make you particularly vulnerable and particularly good subjects for their use." [9]

The religious traditions of Earth "represent a potential weakness. If humanity were more vigilant and understood the realities of life in the Greater Community and the meaning of premature visitation, your risks would not be so great as they are today. There is hope and expectation that such visitation will bring great rewards and will be a fulfillment for you. Yet you have not been able to learn of the reality of the Greater Community or of the powerful forces that are interacting with your world. Your lack of understanding and premature trust in the visitors do not serve you." [18]

"At this time, humanity as a whole, we understand, cannot differentiate between a Greater Community demonstration and a spiritual manifestation. This is truly a difficult situation because your visitors can project images, they can speak to people through the mental environment and their voices can be received and expressed through people. They can cast this kind of influence because humanity does not yet have this kind of skill or discernment." [9]

"People are giving themselves over to the extraterrestrial presence in the world, thinking it is spiritual and almost angelic. They do not realize they are dealing with a dangerous presence whose purpose is to undermine human freedom and sovereignty in this world despite the proclamations to the contrary."[19]

"Do you think that the Plan calls for a bunch of dreamers? Ineffectual, impotent, lacking in courage? We assure you this is not the case. Strong you must be— gentle, sensitive and strong." [20]

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Targeting Human Expectation

"You do not have access to the political and commercial involvements of the alien forces operating in the world today to understand their complexity, their ethics or their values. Never think that any race in the universe that travels for commerce is spiritually advanced. Those who seek commerce seek advantage. Those who travel from world to world, those who are resource explorers, those who seek to plant their own flags are not what you would consider to be spiritually advanced."[21]

Recognizing the Absence of All Deception

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