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Permanent Reality

"You are already surrounded by the permanent creation, but your eyes cannot see it, your ears cannot hear it, your fingers cannot touch it because your senses were only established to recognize physical things--things that are moving, objects that are moving, sounds that are changing. The Greater Reality in which you live is all around you. You have never left it, but given your reliance upon your senses, you cannot experience it directly without a certain kind of preparation." [1]

Temporary Reality

"The creation that you must be concerned with is this temporary creation - time and space, a physical reality, a reality of constant change, of evolving systems, a reality of contrast and conflict, a reality of life and death. Separation created this reality, for God knew the separated must have a foundation upon which to exist." [1]

Much Greater Than a Projection of Mind

"You must not call physical reality an illusion, because it is a reality. It is not a permanent reality, it will not last forever, but in time and in your experience it is a reality. It is more real to you than your heavenly state. It is more real to you than the reality of God."[2]

"It is important in learning The Way of Knowledge to be able to face anything and everything that comes across your path. That does not, however, mean that you give these things equal value or meaning. There is great conflict in the world. This cannot be denied. Yet it must be understood clearly. You cannot put a happy face on it. You cannot say that it is merely a projection of your own imagination. Do not call it unreal and go seek out those things that are pleasurable instead." [3]

"It is indeed Knowledge that will create a new life for you, create a new reality and a new experience for you. Only it has the power to do this because it is unaffected by the mental environment in which you live. To think that you could create your reality without this is to invest yourself in an immense fantasy, an immense self-deception. It is based on ignorance and arrogance. You do not realize the impact of all the social and religious conditioning around you and what you have done and will do to accommodate whatever group or network of people that you associate with."[4]


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