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"What is Hell? Hell is separation. Hell is being disconnected from God. And this disconnection can lead to deeper and deeper states of fear, anger and depression." [1]

False notions about hell

"Redemption is not simply pleasing God and going to Heaven or not pleasing God and going to Hell. This is ridiculous. This represents a purely human separated state of mind and position. You believe that the righteous should be rewarded and the wicked should be punished and that God will give the rewards and do the punishment." [2]

"The sinful are not punished but are attended to. The wicked are not sent to hell but are prepared for Heaven. This is the true nature of God's purpose in the world." [3]

"God did not create Hell and does not punish the wicked. You want to punish the wicked to take out your revenge, to exact your notions of justice. But for God there is only redemption of those who have fallen and who are lost." [4]

"The Separation was never really created. You cannot be separate from your Source, and that is why there is no Hell and damnation. There is only the process of reconciliation. No matter how long it takes, that is the end result. You are contradiction, and your decision is what voice you will listen to within yourself." [5]


"No one will be sent to Hell but people are already living in Hell, being separated from God: the Hell of their own fearful imagination, the Hell of their self-hatred and hatred of others, the Hell of their circumstances, the Hell of their isolation. Yes, there are worse Hells than this, but God will not send you there. But if you are left out of God's grace and power, God's providence and God's guidance, then your Hell will deepen and can seem to be endless, but it is not endless, for God has placed Knowledge within you, and eventually you will come to realize that you must follow this Knowledge. You must accept this Knowledge and that only Knowledge can take you from the Hell of your separation and your isolation and from your own grievances and self-denial." [6]

"With Knowledge there is no confusion in relationships. You know who to be with and who not to be with, and there is no blame in this. You know where to devote yourself and where not to devote yourself, and there is no condemnation in this. You choose this over that, not right over wrong. You go here not there because here is where you must go. How simple this is and how totally effective. This affirms Knowledge in all individuals, and no one is condemned. Here the gates of hell are opened and all are free to return to Knowledge, for the gates of hell are open already, and Knowledge is calling to all who dwell there to return to God. For what is hell but life without God and life without Knowledge? It is life imagined, that is all." [7]

What is Hell?

"What is Hell but a place where God is denied? What is Hell but a place where God can be thought of as non-existent? To be in Hell is to be without relationship, and God is the sum of all relationships. Therefore, everyone in the world is in Hell to a certain degree, to the extent that they are out of relationship. For without relationship, you only have your negative imagination, which will haunt you and lead you to follow the Forces of Dissonance." [8]

"Isolation is hell. Heaven is total inclusion, but there is a long journey between heaven and hell. You must have the desire for heaven and the capacity for heaven. Knowledge within you will take you there because this is its only purpose." [9]

"Hell is not a terrible place. Hell is a beautiful place where you can never be happy. If Hell were a terrible place you would want to escape it immediately. But if Hell were a beautiful place then you are ambivalent about leaving it. It attracts you. It seduces you. It gives you hope and encouragement and yet limits you. It hurts you, it deprives you and it disappoints you. Hell is a beautiful place where you can never be happy." [10]


"Should you ever think that immortality in the physical realm is desirable, you must recognize that such a state would be Hell itself. To be in a beautiful place where you could never be happy would be extremely hellish, and you would be held there for a long time because you would keep wanting it, believing in it, hoping for it, trying to make it work." [2]

“The escape from Hell to Heaven is the escape from personal fantasy into meaningful relationship with life. What is Hell but obsession with oneself? What is Heaven but the full involvement with life as an integral part of its overall expression. Heaven and Hell are something you will experience day to day and even moment to moment, depending upon where you stand.” [11]

“There is no Judgment Day where if you failed in one life you go to everlasting Hell. This is a purely human invention. But the consequences of not finding your purpose and trying to live without it are very real and are evident every day in your thinking, in your demeanor, your behavior and your experience. Without this purpose, you are living a kind of Hell—a Hell that is beautiful, but a Hell where you can never be happy, where you are never really at ease with yourself because you have not been honoring your deeper nature.” [12]

“God does not condemn. God only attracts and employs. The whole notion of Hell is humanity’s attempt to punish those that it cannot accept and use God as the punisher. It is to exact revenge. It is a tool of the intellect to punish other intellects, or to force them to believe, to coerce them to believe in acceptance and consensus.” [12]

"The degree to which you are disassociated from Knowledge is the degree to which you are living in a kind of Hell. You could become more disassociated and live in a deeper kind of Hell. Your suffering could intensify. Your isolation could become deeper. Your sense of shame and guilt could become more overwhelming. But it is the same problem. You could go to the deepest part of the labyrinth and deny all possibility of redemption for yourself, but Knowledge is still within you. The fire of Knowledge, though it may only be a little light, is still a burning ember within you." [13]

"Think of these things in light of your understanding of religion—what you have been taught, what has been forced upon you perhaps. All the threat of Hell and damnation is a human creation. Your Hell and damnation is to live without the power and presence of Knowledge, to live a life of confusion and servitude in a world you do not understand, threatened by innumerable forces, oppressed by innumerable things, overtaken by your preferences and your fear and the preferences and fears of others. That is the Hell and damnation you live with at this moment, living in your state of Separation." [14]


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