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Pages from top down needing attention

The New Message from God

first paragraph in italics to show Society authorship
add brackets for internal links
switch out better, smaller photos for the outsized images
evaluate the headings "purpose of the NM" (see similar heading at top) and "a calling from God for this time"--new pages? ?
See also New Revelation
The One Book (just link to the page)

The Messenger

See also Living at a Time of R.
All titles, video title.

Mental Environment-

-has no mention of the collective mind of all the thoughts of all sentient beings here on Earth
Does anybody know what Revelation was received on March 18, 2007? Quote #3 on this page needs a reference.


Create a list of data-points needed to be added to book pages.
Add to book pages

;Duplicate the main corridors in 6 languages

Review A-Z for glaring issues
missing citations
extraneous detail
lacunae (skimpy pages)
missing concepts: does the page represent the NM teaching?
incorrect citations, broken links
headings in the language of the NM (and not too much "spin"?)
whatever appeals to them in their studenthood
the key ideas from each Revelation
formatting is completely optional; phone training is available and also optional


Wiki Reviewers

Read the wiki A-Z taking assigned sections looking for

1) traces of old-style edits ("Excerpts" Long quotes" etc.--these need SEO headings);
2) links;
3) page view tallies;
4) citations needing links or formatting;
5) gaps--quality or quantity--does the page reflect the NMfG teaching on _____?
6) corridors identified?
7) fluff. paragraphs with too much or too irrelevant content.
8) anything unusual.

Ref tag review

Add chapter names to all chapter references. Spot-check the references for accuracy & consistency. Add links to all on-line Revelations and chapters or to the book title wiki page. Add the vol., book, chapter and verse numbering. But how? Wait for verse numbering?


proceed through the teachings and
highlight major ideas,
mark text to add to wiki (annotate on the pdf, a Word doc or copy to a Google Doc).
work at will, following self-chosen Revelations.

Content specialists

take a corridor and review it for adequacy. Which teachings are not adequately covered? What are the ideas found only in the NM--are they found on the wiki?

Review the videos from the Messenger’s Vigil: note citations from Revelations to check the page on the wiki for The Messenger: is it organized according to the categories as presented in the focus for each night of the Vigil, is it complete in representing each aspect of the person and work of the Messenger? Some Revelations cited are not publicly available; include those passages by transcribing directly from the video or seek support from the Society in excerpting the exact quotation.


Discussion pages. Discuss: user-generated content on discussion pages

A page for each revelation A page showing the chronology of Revelation

Pending issues

(not sure what to do with these) Store citations that need attention here; "The world is growing dark, and this greater promise is needed now. Only the light of Knowledge, the greater intelligence that the Creator has bestowed upon the human family and upon all the races in the universe, only this now can enable you to comprehend and respond. For you return to God on God’s terms, God’s Messages must be comprehended, as they truly are and are intended to be. There will be much struggle and contention with this, and the Messenger and the Messenger’s followers must face this difficulty, this frustration and exercise great patience. Such a Revelation will not be accepted at the outset, and only the few will be able to respond completely. But as time moves forward and as the world grows more turbulent, the New Message will gain a greater attraction, greater recognition and greater relevance." [1] (taken from the Messenger)

"It is unlikely you have found this quite yet, but you who are hearing our words have come to the point where Initiation can occur. You must listen with your heart, not with your judgment and your ideas and all of the requirements you think are required for the Revelation to be real and to be meaningful to you, as if you could determine such things.

Even in people’s misery, they still do not have the humility to recognize that they cannot establish the terms of engagement regarding their primary relationship with the Creator and with the Will of Heaven." [2] (taken from inner listening)


  1. God Is Moving Humanity in a New Direction (April 22, 2011)
  2. The Initiation (June 28, 2011)