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"Here you must be willing to journey alone and face loneliness because it is better to be alone than it is to be engaged in relationships that cannot journey with you in The Way of Knowledge." [1]

"Do you know whenever you are upset or afraid, it is always because you think you are alone? It is not possible to be upset or afraid if you are not alone. Indeed, the value of knowing one other is with you is enough to inspire you to do great works within your world. Only one. And yet you have thousands."[2]

Lonely by Necessity

"The wise person must exercise discretion at all times. Here there will be feelings of loneliness and exclusion because the wise cannot express the depth of their experience effectively to many people." [3]

Attempts to Escape Loneliness

"Two people who enter into a true marriage must either provide for their offspring or provide for something else in the world because all true marriage provides for something beyond itself. This is what distinguishes true marriage from a temporary alignment between two people who are attempting to escape their loneliness and to use one another for personal fulfillment." [4]

"Sexual union is meaningful between people who can experience real union. It should never be used for recreation. It should never be used to prove one’s worth or one’s attractiveness. It should never be used to offset loneliness. It is too serious an engagement, for there is no real casual sex." [5]

"People unite because they want pleasure or security or they are enamored with another person’s appearance or personality. They want to escape with someone. They want to escape loneliness. They want to escape facing their own life. They want to escape the greater calling within themselves. They want to escape. But there is nothing there if that is your purpose. You are running from yourself. You do not realize you have a core relationship with Knowledge, the deeper intelligence that God has created within you and for you."[6]


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