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"Humanity is not the centerpiece of the Creation, only one of its developing aspects. This represents a tremendous breakthrough in understanding. This represents a great threshold in self-realization and the ability to effectively engage with the world." [1]

“Humanity is living in a dream, a dream of Separation.” [2]

A turning point in human development

“The world needs many saints now, not just a few. The world needs the gifts of Knowledge through many now, and not just from the few.” [3]

“Humanity cannot now advance because of a rare individual here and there. Many more people must be called by God, must be inspired and must function from a level of compassion, commitment and courage—not because they want it personally, but because it is emerging within them.” [3]

“The future of the world will be dependent upon how many people can respond and follow the power of Knowledge within themselves. They will come from all walks of life. They will come from the slums and the middle class people and the wealthy. They will come from all cultures, from big cities, from small towns, from villages, from farmers and shepherds and from people living in far-flung places of the world. It is the New Message that must activate Knowledge within them, give them the possibility to develop an inner life so that they may respond to the reality, the power, the guidance and the presence of Knowledge.” [3]

"Humanity is now facing its greatest challenges as a whole. How will it respond? How will it prepare? Will it be able to comprehend the great change that is coming? Will it fight and struggle with itself over the remaining resources? Will it unite to defend the world against foreign intervention? This is a time of great decision: whether humanity will fail or whether humanity will unite for its preservation and to preserve its sovereignty in this world." [4]

The human condition

"Sentient beings will come here and return to their heavenly state. That is the difference between a sentient being like you, and your pet, or the birds in the sky or the animals in the field. Your dog does not die and go to dog heaven, the mouse does not die and go to mouse heaven, the mosquito does not die and go to mosquito heaven, they continue in this reality. But you are from a different reality, and it is this difference between your divine nature and your functioning in the animal world that is so utterly confusing and has perplexed great thinkers over the ages."[5]

“Your humanity is without meaning unless it serves a greater context and unless it is a part of a greater reality. Without this greater reality, it is more a form of bondage, more a restraint, a confinement and an imposition upon your nature than an affirmation of your nature.” [6]

Humanity's strengths and weaknesses

"Human culture, human ethics, human beliefs, human economics, human politics, human relationships, human involvements—these are all human creations. They are not Divine creations." [7]

"Human beliefs, human attitudes, human emotions, human social conventions--all"... "keep humanity in a primitive and undeveloped state." [8]

"If you could understand the evolution of life in other worlds, you would see how much humanity has achieved, despite its many errors. You would see that religion in this world has actually gone very far." [8]

“Humanity has great strengths. You have not lost your connection to the deeper Knowledge that exists within each person. You have not become a regimented, secular, technological society, which are so common in the universe. You have not lost your freedom or your greater sensibilities entirely though that is being threatened with each passing day.” [9]

"Despite humanity’s long existence in this world, you are a young race—immature, unwary and unsuspecting. You have many great qualities. You have kept spirituality and creativity alive in the world, where they have died in so many other worlds—advanced technological worlds that are sterile and secular, where individual freedom is unknown. You have great promise. But you have great problems, and you have some disabilities as well—the tendency towards human denial. And your tribalism, which has served you in the past, can blind you now." [10]

"Humanity is still brutish. It still thinks the use of force is the great way to achieve your goals." [11]

The plight of humanity

"Humanity does not have much time to prepare and to determine what kind of future it will have." [12]

“Humanity has a great choice it will have to make. This choice will have to be made not only on the level of leadership of governments, but also at the level of every citizen. And that choice is whether humanity will fight and compete for the remaining resources or whether there will be a greater uniting and cooperation for the benefit of all. Neither option is easy, of course, but it is a definitive choice.

It is as if humanity were at the point of choosing the high road or the low road—a path towards unity, cooperation and mutual benefit or a path towards conflict, war and decline.”[13]

Humanity's relationship to God

"It is not that God has failed to help humanity. It is that humanity has failed to hear God. It is not that God does not care about the human condition, the condition of your life and the lives around you. It is that God’s Power and Presence have not been recognized.” [3]


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