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"As you give yourself, you will receive and in this you will learn the ancient law that to give is to receive. This must be born completely in your experience so that you may fully comprehend its meaning and its application in the world."[1]

The law of joining

"God wills for you to join with your Spiritual Family so that you may learn the law and the reality of joining because this is the foundation for true love. For this, you need your Inner Teachers. Though many of you will not experience them directly, they are watching over you."[2]

"You are all members of a Spiritual Family. Over this you have no control. The revelation of this will come in time, though perhaps not within your own lifetime, unless it is important for you to recognize. When you leave this world, you will regroup with those who have been attending to you, as well as with those who have entered the world with you to learn in parallel with you. Perhaps many of them you will never meet in the world. Some of them you will. You have been working with this group for some time. That is why there is such great recognition amongst those who share your group cooperation. Your group interacts with other groups as well. The complexity of this you cannot imagine. Yet it operates according to natural law without deviation. Your Family group has a name because at this level, names are significant to you. Beyond this level, they have sounds or frequencies.[3]

The law of forgiveness

"Everyone is always teaching you about the truth as well. Within their distorted thinking and behavior is the seed of truth. For every act and every communication holds within it a seed of truth. Though their acts and communication may, in their final expression, be distorted or destructive and produce conflict and unhappiness, within them people are trying to express something real. All human failure is the unsuccessful attempt at communication. As you learn to become strong with Knowledge, you will be able to begin to discern the seeds of truth in people’s communications. Then even those who openly support error can teach you that they are trying to express something real.

"Understanding this will enable you to learn the law of forgiveness. For you cannot overlook error in order to forgive it, you cannot deny error in order to forgive it and you cannot call error by another name. You must see that error is a mistake. Yet it can be a form of service, both through its demonstration of the need for Knowledge and through the seeds of truth which it contains. This is not something you have to figure out, for this will be known, and it will come to you naturally as your mind becomes open to the Knowledge that God has given you. Then you will be in a position to see that all the demonstrations of error in the world, no matter how thoughtless, cruel or destructive, demonstrate that all substitutes for Knowledge must fail and will provide suffering and misery for all involved. They are failed attempts at genuine communication."[4]

Laws of the spiritual reality vs. laws of the physical reality

"It is very important not to confuse the physical and the spiritual realities. This is frequently done, and as a result your ability to discern clearly what you are dealing with becomes greatly obstructed. The physical reality is quite different [from] the spiritual reality. It operates according to different laws. It has different manifestations and a different purpose."[5]

"Everything We are telling you is within the realm of your experience here in the world. For the laws of nature are the laws of nature, and the Plan and Presence of God and of Unseen Forces are uniform throughout the universe."[6]

"There is another reality that exists and permeates this physical reality that is consistent and constant. Though this other reality adapts itself to changing circumstances to serve manifest life, it itself is completely uniform. It represents part of God’s Creation that is not entered into form, that has not entered into a process of change, growth and decay."[6]

Ethics throughout the universe

"The Way of Knowledge, which is at the heart of all the world’s religions, must become its essential teaching, instead of a focus for clerics and monastics and exceptional individuals only. This is the challenge before you, or religion will be part of the problem for humanity and not its essential means of reconciliation, inspiration and a high ethical awareness. Let this be your understanding."[7]

"God has sent many great teachings into the world to civilize humanity, to give it a higher ethical standard, to teach different paths of redemption for different people at different times. But now you are facing a set of circumstances that are radically different. You are facing a world in decline, and you are facing competition from the Greater Community itself."[8]

"Religion has suffered many tragic errors, but at its core it is redeeming and powerful, for it evokes a greater set of ethics and a greater strength and compassion within the human heart, which separates you from the beasts of the field, which separates you from your more primitive ancestors. It is this inner strength that humanity will need or you will not have the courage or the commitment or the clarity to face a very uncertain future with immense and unanticipated challenges."[8]

"God has given you an ethical foundation that is held with Knowledge within yourself. You know that thievery is wrong. You know that murder is wrong. You know that bearing false witness is wrong. The commandments have been given. What is the problem?"[8]

Pervasive in human experience

“This discomfort is something that is pervasive in human experience. Even without knowing what Knowledge is or where it lives or how it functions or what it knows, whenever you do something that goes against the direction of Knowledge, you will feel this discomfort, this disassociation from yourself. You will feel ill at ease. You will feel this not because Knowledge is punishing you in any way, but because you are going against something that is known within you. This produces a very profound and permeating discomfort. No amount of therapy, pleasure, escape or preoccupation can free you from this discomfort. You must bring your life into harmony with Knowledge within you. This you can experience, and your experience will be the evidence that you are either succeeding or failing in this regard.” [9]


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