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"Your learning predicaments here are the same as they are everywhere.”[1]

"Knowledge in yourself and Knowledge in others. This is the truth that permeates all manifest life and holds true throughout the universe in all dimensions and realities." [2]

"So, the first Spiritual Truth is that there is no absolute truth here." [3]


"In the Greater Community, the weak are overtaken by the strong, just as in your world."[4]

Trust, participation and understanding

"Trust comes before understanding, always. Participation comes before trust, always."[5]

Freedom and necessity

"Whatever form the desire for freedom takes, it is universal, both within this world and within the Greater Community of worlds in the Universe around you." [6]

"Your evolution has always been towards greater unity and cooperation." [7]

"Indiscretion is always exploited in nature. It always makes one vulnerable in nature, and the universe is a natural environment, fundamentally." [7]


"Surely, if you think of any skill that you value, you realize that you will need instruction; you will need some kind of curriculum; you will need help from others. And you will need many examples. This is universally true and has so many applications." [8]

Material existence

"In a greater context, the world is a place where you have come to serve, to give and to reunite with those whom you are destined to meet, to know and to participate with. This definition, though universally true, is a truth that is not accessible to many human beings at this stage of development, for they are much too focused on survival and gratification to be able to see its importance. However, even as you grasp this idea and begin to experience it within your own range of relationships and understanding, it opens up a whole new panorama, a greater vista where things can be seen and known which could not be seen and known before." [9]

Giving and receiving

"To give, you must first receive."[10]

"As you give yourself, you will receive and in this you will learn the ancient law that to give is to receive." [11]


"What you affirm within yourself you affirm for all individuals, in all circumstances, in all worlds and in all dimensions. Thus, you affirm the reality of Knowledge. Thus, you affirm your Ancient Home while you are here." [12]

The mental environment

"Give all that you realize you can give, for this is a gift to the world. Though you cannot as yet see the result, have confidence that this giving will extend beyond your own mind and will touch all minds in the universe, for all minds are truly joined in reality." [13]


"Your life is communication, for communication is life. Communication is the extension of Knowledge. It is not merely the sharing of little ideas from one separated mind to another. Communication is far greater, for communication creates life and extends life, and within this is all joy and fulfillment. Within this is the depth of all meaning. Here darkness and light mix together and cease their separation. Here all opposites blend and melt into each other.This is the unity of all life." [14]


"Alone you have no meaning. There are no meaningful individuals in the universe. An individual is a potential for relationship. It is the relationships that are important. It is what you are connected to and who you represent that gives meaning to your existence here. It is what you belong to— not as in a political party or a social club, but who in your heart you are joined with— that gives meaning and substance to your existence. No matter how great and glorious you may become as an individual, no matter how esteemed and worshipped you may be in your society, you are only a potential human being until you have given your life to another. As a potential human being, you will not find your fulfillment. You will not fully experience your meaning or your purpose in the world or the direction that you must go in life. And you will need more and more adulation in order to offset the terrible sense of isolation that you feel. [15]

"How can you understand yourself except in the context of contribution to others? Alone you can do nothing. Alone you have no meaning.This is because you are not alone.This will be viewed as a burden and as a threat until you realize the great meaning that it has and the gift that it really is. It is the salvation of your life.When life reclaims you, you reclaim life and receive all of its rewards, which far exceed anything that you could give yourself.The value of your life is consummated and fully demonstrated through your contribution to others because until contribution exists, you can only partially realize yourself—your value, your purpose, your meaning and your direction." [16]

Spiritual community

"I tell you, this work is going on everywhere in the universe. When I speak of community, I am speaking of something that is extremely universal. You see, for a Community of Knowledge to exist in physical life, it must be very secretive. Why? Because Knowledge and ignorance do not co-exist very well."[17]

Fear and Love

"Fear disassociates; love joins. Both of these forces lead you to specific engagements with certain people but for different purposes and with entirely different results. Those who are serving the Forces of Dissonance are in relationship and are bonded to other individuals for this purpose. This is true because nothing, either real or imagined, can be done without relationship." [18]


"You have become increasingly interdependent between your nations and cultures. This was the intention of the Creator, for this is the natural evolution of humanity and all intelligent races in the universe." [19]

Awareness in and of separation

"People want peace. They want reconciliation. But then they want other things too. This makes peace and reconciliation impossible. This is a fundamental conflict in human beings and, as a matter of fact, in all forms of intelligent life. That is why with the emergence of intelligence there must be the emergence of a greater spiritual understanding; otherwise, your intelligence merely makes you more aware of your pain, your discord, your vulnerability and your mortality. Unless a greater spiritual awareness arises with intelligence, intelligence itself creates a great and oppressive burden upon the individual."[20]

The tragedy of living in Separation

"Without Knowledge, you will misuse everything. You will misuse nature; you will misuse your mind; you will misuse your body because you are operating from a position of confusion. Uncertain who you are, why you are here and what you are doing, you will be governed by foreign powers and outside influences. Such is the tragedy of living in Separation [from your Source], a tragedy that exists throughout the universe.""[21]

Trends throughout the universe

"The Greater Community offers you redemption by requiring greater things of you and by calling upon a Greater Power within you. This is how humanity will advance. This is how all races in the Greater Community advance."[22]

"In many advanced societies, as We mentioned, women are the priests; they are the religious authorities. In this case, in races very different from your own, the feminine is recognized as being more receptive to the direction of Spirit, or God, while men in general—in most situations, the male aspect—are more competent in physical or practical measures."

"This is not simply a human phenomenon or a historical precedent within this world alone. It is something that holds true throughout the Universe."[23]


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