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"Knowledge is all about orienting you in the right direction. Knowledge is here to keep you on track." [1]

"Knowledge within you is of central importance, for it will determine that which must be approached and that which must be avoided, that which is true and that which is untrue, that which you must find and that which you must avoid."[2]

Asking for Guidance

"Then there is the question of asking for guidance.

People are very confused about this, because they ask about something and then they expect an immediate answer. And if they do not get an answer within 5 minutes, they think that nothing is happening and they go back into guessing. Trying to work it out intellectually, which is just a fancy way of saying guessing. You use your intellect to solve practical or mechanical problems. But in terms of discerning relationships, well, it makes a very poor guide. To ask a question of Knowledge, you must formulate the question in such a way that only a yes or a no can be the answer. Not an explanation. There can be no trick questions here. It has to be an honest question.

And if you want to experience the authentic response,

it must be a question posed in such a way that Knowledge can direct you. Many people ask questions where nothing can direct them. Because they are not starting at the beginning, they say 'Should I be in a commitment with this person?' But that is not the first question. The first question 'Should I even be in a relationship with this person? Should I even be with this person?' People may ask well, 'Should I go to this place on my vacation?' But that is not the first question. The first question is should you even go on vacation? And if so, what are the options? And everything is posed in such a way that it is a yes or a no, so you have the greatest possibility of experiencing the answer at a deeper level. Not at the level of ideas, not at the level of having a conversation with yourself, but at a deeper level. You pose the question, and you live with the question, and you keep asking the question, and you keep listening. You don’t get the answer right away in many times, in many situations, because you’re not listening yet." [3]


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