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"We hold the key, but you possess the treasure. We cannot contribute without you, and you cannot contribute without us. It is a good Plan." [1]

God's purpose

"It is the Plan not of your making that will rescue you from the dilemma that has no resolution." [2]

"God is still, but everything from God is generated into constructive and uniform action. This is what gives form and direction to all meaningful relationships. This is why your Teachers are with you, for there is a Plan." [3]

"The world demonstrates its errors with gravity and magnitude, but these errors are offset by the presence of a Greater Power in the world. Without this Greater Power, humanity would not have evolved this far. Without this Greater Power, all that has been good in your manifestations, all that has served and inspired humanity and all that has spoken of the greatness of Knowledge, directly or indirectly, would not have occurred. The Greater Power in the world has allowed the evolution of humanity to continue and has kept Knowledge alive in the world through individuals such as yourself who, through the spark of their own Knowledge, have been called into preparation so that Knowledge may be reclaimed and expressed and thus kept alive." [4]

God's Plan for Humanity

"God's Plan is to raise humanity up so that it may survive the Great Waves of change, so that it may be a free and self-determined race in the universe, so that it may be an exemplary race in the universe at the level of Knowledge."[5]

God's Plan for You

"There is a Master Plan. It is this Plan that you must now become aware of, for until you do, your life will be aimless, without certain purpose, with only your errors to teach you." [6]

"You have come into the world at a crucial time. You have come to serve the world in its present needs. You have come to prepare for future generations. Can all of this be meaningful to you personally now? Perhaps not, because you are working for the present and for the future. You are working for the life that you will live and for lives that will follow yours. This is fulfilling to you now, for this is your gift that you have come to give. Without pretence and without uncertainty, this will arise from you naturally and will give itself into the world. Weaving your life with other lives in a very specific way, it is meant to uplift you and all with whom you come in contact. The Plan is greater than your personal ambition, and only your personal ambition can cloud your vision of what you must do." [7]

"God’s first step in your redemption and your empowerment is to unburden you from things that are not necessary for your happiness, to unburden you from things which cannot possibly satisfy you, to unburden you from things which only cause you pain and to lift from your head the crown of thorns that you wear, which represents your attempt at fulfillment in the world." [8]

"You are here to serve your Spiritual Family, your small learning group that have been working together through many ages and circumstances in order to cultivate and advance their members so that your group may join with other groups, and so forth. Like streams joining together into greater and greater bodies of moving water, you follow your inevitable course to the source of your life. This is the natural way, the genuine way, the way that exists beyond all speculation and philosophy, beyond all the fears and ambitions of humanity. This is the way of things—forever mysterious, beyond your comprehension and yet fully available to serve you in the immediate circumstances of your life." [9]

"In the greater scope of things, even the separation of all individual minds is a very temporary occurrence. You cannot think yet at this level and will not be able to do so for a long time, for you must undergo the various stages of development that integrate your mind into greater and greater experiences of relationship and life." [10]

"Your value to yourself has been lost, and this can only be reclaimed by following a Greater Plan not of your own making, but which has been created for your total welfare." [11]

"You must successfully negotiate this world and use your physical abilities. You see, the Plan calls for the use of all your self-created abilities for a greater purpose. That is how everything is brought back into wholeness." [12]

God’s Plan across all dimensions

"The Creator is at work in all places and in all dimensions."[13]

"Your God is the God of the Greater Community, the God of not only the physical universe, but universes in other dimensions." [14]

"The Plan of redemption for all separated beings living in the physical reality extends to all dimensions, and this Plan encompasses a vast network of support for those still living in form—living in a physical reality, caught in identities in a separate reality."[15]

“The Covenant then is not a Covenant with one people or one nation or one period of history or one religion or one part of the world. It is not tied to human philosophy, ethics or understanding. It is more fundamental than this. It must hold true in all dimensions for all races of beings who are living in separation in the physical reality." [16]

Recognizing God's Plan

"We make ourselves public so that you may know our presence and know that there is a Master Plan. It is this Plan that you must know become aware of, for until you do, your life will be aimless, without certain purpose, with only your errors to teach you."[17]

"God’s Plan is invisible and recognized by very few because very few have the openness of mind and the quality of attention that will allow them to see what is obviously occurring around them, which at this point is not obvious to them at all." [18]

"Do you think that the Plan calls for a bunch of dreamers? Ineffectual, impotent, lacking in courage? We assure you this is not the case. Strong you must be— gentle, sensitive and strong." [19]

"The Holy Spirit is your will. It is the will you share with God. It is the will you share with your Family. With it comes the Plan that will redeem you, establishing your special part, the part that only you can fulfill." [20]

Agency in God's Plan

"The Plan of the Creator calls for people to awaken each other. Now, a few people have to be awakened by the Unseen Ones in order to start this process and to keep it going because people keep falling back to sleep. Someone has to keep ringing the bell!"[21]

"You are tethered to Heaven, you see. No matter how degrading your life in the world, no matter how brutal your circumstances, no matter how terrible the political or religious oppression under which you live, you are still connected in this way, and this is how God will save you." [22]


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