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"You must be resourceful, but ethical as well."[1]

"In a radically changing world facing the prospects of diminishing resources and environmental destruction, the question must emerge, how can one ethically live? It is important here to realize the difference between your own morals and ideology and the way that you conduct yourself in the world. People often make serious compromises here or in some cases are unaware of the consequences of their actions upon the world."[2]


"Those people who are consuming less of the world, as a matter of moral and ethical principle, they are promoting real change." [3]

"You must reconsider your demands and expectations upon the world. Beyond meeting fundamental needs here, what do you expect or desire from the world? What do you want the world to provide for you beyond your basic needs? Endless possessions? Endless opportunities? The ability to support you in whatever you want to do and having whatever you want to have? What are your expectations here? And can these expectations be met? And are they ethical? How you behave, what you consume—your standards here are very important because what will tip the scale in humanity’s favor is clarity, courage and determination."[4]

"While they may value human freedom, for example, they may purchase products or services that generate human servitude in other countries—conditions, were they to witness them directly, would be appalling to them. And yet these conditions are supported and encouraged by the way that they live."[2]

Religion and ethics

"So God has initiated all the world’s religions, each a critical building block in building human civilization on a higher ethical principle, keeping the power of Knowledge alive in the world, where it has died out or was never fostered in other nations in other worlds in the universe." [5]

Knowledge is moral and ethical

"You cannot use Knowledge to win the lottery, or to make someone love you, or to make some kind of scheme to become wealthy, to profit off the failure and errors of others. Knowledge is ethical and moral. It will not do this. So it will withdraw, and you will think it does not even exist."[6]

The Angelic Presence

"The Angelic Presence is here to encourage and to stimulate those individuals who are open to its Presence, who are willing to follow its recommendations and to live a more ethical and purposeful life based on service to humanity and to this world."[7]


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