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"There is a network of free nations in this region of space who do not participate in these vast networks of trade and commerce. They have, over time and through great effort, established their insulation and their freedom to function without outside interference." [1]

Rare in the Universe

"Beyond this solar system" ... "war and conflict have been suppressed, and freedom is rare within this larger arena of life." [2]

"Free nations are rare and have had to earn their freedom. They have had to mature and become strong and united to ward off the many influences that the Greater Community will inevitably bring to them." [3]

Requirements for Freedom in the Universe

"To be free in the universe you must be self-sufficient, you must be united and you must be very discreet. Those are the requirements that every nation, every world, every race must establish in a Greater Community of life." [4]

"Free nations must be united to survive, to offset foreign influence, to maintain stability and to maintain their security." [5]

"The more self-sufficient a world can become and the more that it can sustain this self-sufficiency, the stronger, more independent it will be by nature in the universe." [6]

"Free nations that are self-sufficient or that maintain their own trade networks can remain relatively anonymous as long as they do not demonstrate that they possess any unique wealth or advantage." [7]

"Small free nations again must remain extremely discreet. For they will cultivate advantages that larger nations do not have, advantages that will be seen to be of great value and interest to other nations that do not have the same kind of social structure." [8]

Security, Trade and the Collectives

"In areas where there is not a large concentration of nations, free nations will have to maintain their security through military means, aggressively challenging anyone who would come into their vicinity." [9]

"The trade that we maintain is very selective, with only a few other nations. We have been able to avoid the collectives, and that has preserved our freedom."[10]

"We have all had to deal with Collectives. We have all had to deal with resource explorers from other nations. We have all had to learn to protect and secure our freedom and to become as self-sufficient as possible, in many cases relying upon one another for essential resources for our survival and well-being." [6]

"Within free nations in the universe, and particularly in large inhabited areas such as the region in which your world exists, great effort is made to sustain self-sufficiency or to participate with one or two other free nations to create a network of support. Here trade is carried on within this network almost exclusively. This is done to preserve a free nation’s self-determination and sovereignty and to limit access to other powers who would seek to gain trade and influence within that nation." [7]

Free nations "do not come and take control of other worlds. They do not represent political and economic forces in the universe. They are not involved in commerce beyond fulfilling their own fundamental needs. They rarely travel, except in situations of emergency." [11]

Free nations "do not travel around trying to plant their flags in other worlds. If they engage in planetary commerce, it is to a very limited degree. And they do not welcome visitors to their worlds. They remain isolated and discreet and guard their boundaries very carefully." [12]

Nature of Free Nations

"Unity for a race must be established sooner or later. It can be established through submission and domination or through consensus and wisdom... Free nations, which are so rare in the universe, have chosen consensus and wisdom as their overriding need and emphasis." [13]

"Free nations tend to be much smaller and much more inclusive." [8]

"A free nation will want strong individuals." [3]

"Free nations in the universe value the individual and take advantage of the individual’s talents and natural inclinations." [5]

"A free nation will support individual creativity and contribution." [3]

"Because of the emphasis on individual development, free nations tend to cultivate very high levels of creativity. Advancement in science and technology, in ethics and spirituality, can be remarkably great in these societies. The benefit to society is immense, giving them certain advantages that large technological societies do not have." [8]

The Challenge of Interacting with Unfree Nations

"Those neighbors who are not free will look upon the freedoms that you have cultivated thus far with great anxiety and with great concern, not wanting these influences to be exerted within their own worlds. You have no idea what your music and your dance could evoke in such worlds and why they are viewed as a threat to those controlling powers that dominate them." [9]

"There is a network of free nations in this region of space who do not participate in these vast networks of trade and commerce. They have, over time and through great effort, established their insulation and their freedom to function without outside interference. For it is always difficult for a free nation to exist around unfree nations. It is a delicate situation and has been an ongoing challenge for those free races whom you may consider to be the Allies of Humanity." [1]

"For free races living in larger neighborhoods of worlds that are not free, often this requires the signing of non-interference contracts, which stipulate generally that the free nations will not participate beyond their boundaries and areas or regions of influence. They will not try to exert or promote their freedom abroad. In exchange for this, other nations agree to stay out of their areas of influence and to not contact them directly. So various kinds of contracts like this are often made in highly inhabited regions of space, but such contracts are subject to change and re-evaluation, and that is why the free nations do not travel beyond their districts or seek to promote freedom abroad. For that would violate their own autonomy and their own insulation from the Greater Community itself." [9]

The Way of Knowledge In Free Nations

The Way of Knowledge "is most potently expressed in free nations, where it is seen as not only the avenue to personal fulfillment and contribution, but also as a source of power in the mental environment—a power that can be used to protect a free race from foreign intrusion and intervention." [14]

"A free nation will support the discovery and the experience of Knowledge. A nation that is not free will never mention it, if it is aware of it at all." [3]

"The free nations have seers as well. Their seers are employed for the same purposes, but they are guided by a deeper Knowledge, which can make them more powerful and more penetrating than the seers employed in nations that are not free. This gives the free nations power and a certain degree of advantage that must remain hidden from foreign awareness and scrutiny." [15]

"The Way of Knowledge is practiced in many worlds."[16]

"There are certain small groups and free nations that have achieved very high states in this practice" [16]

"The Way of Knowledge is carried on in secret and in private. Only amongst free nations can it flourish and be seen as a benefit to the nation, instead of a source of competition to those in power." [16]

"Nations that are guided by Knowledge have special skills and powers, which they must protect from intervention and scrutiny from the outside. This can represent the secrets of a free nation, for Knowledge can give rise to great inventions, to great insights and to great powers of perception." [16]

"For a free nation, the cultivation of Knowledge amongst its advanced practitioners becomes extremely valuable in discerning the intentions of others from the outside, in recognizing challenges or difficulties for the nation and for providing beneficial forms of education for their citizens." [16]

Supporting Freedom in the Universe

"Free nations will share their wisdom with emerging races such as your own. Nations that are not free will seek to take advantage of these emerging races." [3]

"Free nations will want to maintain a connection with each other for support and for the sharing of wisdom... [they] will seek to communicate deeply and openly with other free nations." [3]

"The free nations in this part of the universe seek to promote freedom wherever they can. They view your world as showing great promise because spirituality and religion have not been destroyed or forgotten here. They see that the power of Knowledge, the greater spiritual power, is still alive in individuals, despite humanity’s grave mistakes and foolish activities." [1]

"They want to have other free nations in their region of space, not because they are in love with humanity as much as for their own stability and security. They have a natural interest in promoting freedom in the universe, and to have another free society in their general vicinity is of great importance to them." [8]

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