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Competition for Resources

"The Greater Community into which humanity is emerging is a difficult and competitive environment, particularly in areas in the universe where many different races compete with each other and interact for trade and commerce. Your world exists in such an area. This may seem incredible to you because it has always seemed that you lived in isolation, alone within the vast emptiness of space. But really you live in an inhabited part of the universe where trade and commerce have been established and where traditions, interactions and associations are all longstanding." [1]

"You live in an area that has a great deal of activity beyond the sphere of your tiny solar system. Within this area, trade is carried on along certain avenues. Worlds interact, compete and sometimes conflict with each other. Opportunities are being sought by all who have commercial interests." [2]

"Trade is essential for advanced societies. As races gain greater technological advantages and as their populations increase, they usually outstrip their world’s natural resources and must trade and explore for the fundamental things that they need. The greater the technological development, the greater the need for resources." [3]

Rules and Networks of Trade

"In this part of the Greater Community, there is no ruling world or ruling body. There is no center of government. There is only a center of trade between participating nations. This is a great federation, but its primary purpose is to maintain trade. What goes on outside the jurisdiction of this trade is anybody’s business. Within the established areas and parameters of trade, there are ruling guidelines for behavior. But this government of commerce, as you could call it, does not interfere in internal affairs. Only if one world is threatening another militarily can there be any possibility of intervention, but this is very rare." [4]

"Most trading societies belong to large guilds that have established laws and codes of conduct for their members. These serve to constrain the activities of many who would seek to use force to gain access to other worlds and their proprietary resources." [2]

"In the region in which your world exists, Collectives are not allowed to have armies or military forces. They are allowed to have security forces, however, for their own defense. Being primarily economic institutions, they do seek to protect their interests and their avenues of trade with their own forces." ... "They are economic powers. Their focus is on trade, resource acquisition and building their alliance amongst worlds such as your own." [5]

"The Collectives are prevented from simply taking over your world. Their competitors will not allow it, and the ruling organizations that govern commerce and trade in this region in which your world resides, will not permit it. A Collective will function according to the rules, but beyond those rules it will use any means it can to secure its goals and to fulfill its mission." [6]

Trading Routes

"In the region of space where Earth exists, where there is a large concentration of trading nations, there are several major routes and many minor routes that are used for trade. Some are open for all travel, and some are private and can only be used by certain groups who maintain these routes for themselves. Large routes are usually protected by a security force that is generated by the overseeing body that manages that particular route. Sometimes routes are maintained by one nation and sometimes by a whole assembly of nations. Very large trade routes in the Greater Community are managed by large overseeing organizations who provide travel protection for all of their member or client states and nations." [3]

"Within this region of space, you will not be able to travel freely should you escape the limits of your solar system. Trade routes are established and are maintained for those races that use them. Some are extremely private. Some are very large and engage with systems far outside this region." [7]

"There is long-range travel and trade, but only on established routes where security has been provided amongst member states, members in the organizations that run and oversee these routes of trade. If you are not part of such an association, you would not have access to these avenues of travel. Any attempt to travel outside of these avenues is considered very risky, for outside the routes of trade, there is the illegal trade, and here there is much danger to one’s security." [7]

Illegal Trade

"The desire for wealth is universal. This, of course, generates illegal trade regarding things that are deemed socially inappropriate or that are considered hazardous to the security and stability of a region. Dangerous drugs, certain biological elements, slavery, slavery trade and things like this are generally included in the list of items that are considered illegal and inappropriate." [3]

The Intervention "want to use every part of the world. And they want to use every part of you. Just like you would want to use every part of the cow or the sheep or any other domesticated animal that you breed for your own purposes ." ... "What we are speaking of here is the most hidden and secret part of their agenda, the part that they will never reveal to you willingly, the part that you may never see without great assistance. This is the most secret of their activities. They sell biological products on what you would call a "black market" in the Universe. But the value of these products and the demand for them is indeed significant. In most places where commerce has been established, such as in your vicinity, such trade is illegal, for it is considered to be morally and ethically reprehensible." [8]

Maintaining Self-Sufficiency

"You will need to preserve your resources so that you do not require or depend upon trade with other nations for the fundamental necessities of your life. If you do not preserve your resources, you will have to relinquish much of your freedom and selfsufficiency." [9]

"That is why free nations, with very few exceptions, maintain their autonomy and attempt not to become pulled into the complex and compromising nature of trade and commerce in the Greater Community." [10]

"The wise have learned that all nations require resources and must either build their own self-sufficiency and trade amongst very trusted partners or take the great and unfortunate risk of becoming involved in larger networks of trade and resource acquisition—larger networks which will always compromise their integrity and self-determination." [10]

"Within free nations in the universe, and particularly in large inhabited areas such as the region in which your world exists, great effort is made to sustain self-sufficiency or to participate with one or two other free nations to create a network of support. Here trade is carried on within this network almost exclusively. This is done to preserve a free nation’s self-determination and sovereignty and to limit access to other powers who would seek to gain trade and influence within that nation." [3]


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