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"You are living in a world in decline. The very resources that give your nations wealth, security and stability are now diminishing." [1]

"Without real inner certainty, the certainty that Knowledge can provide, you have no advantages. You have no security. You have no clarity and no certain direction." [2]

"Through this education and preparation, God is giving you greater strength, greater security and a greater protection that you will need in order to face the challenges within your own world and the challenges that surely exist beyond it."[3]

A Re-orientation of Direction

"The limits of time and the requirements of your environmental situation in your own world now require a great change—a great change in emphasis, a great change in understanding, a movement away from growth and expansion to security and stability, to sustainability, to more of a steady state, to a greater equality and equalization between nations and peoples."[4]

"Stability and security will become ever more the emphasis of your peoples, your nations and your leaders. The idea of conquest will become ever more dangerous, destructive and counterproductive in your affairs with one another." [5]

"Now is the time to begin to share the reality of the Great Waves with those people whom you know—with your friends and your relatives, even with your neighbors. Perhaps only a few of them will be able to respond, but nonetheless you are building your own social security for the future, for there will be very little social security from your governments." [6]

Re-alignment of Priorities

"Because you are ultimately here to serve humanity rather than to run away from humanity, you are really not engaging with the truth about your life if you simply try to build security for yourself. And any security you build for yourself will still be insecure in the face of the Great Waves of change." [2]

Requirements for the Human Race

"The process of building stability and security requires that people find ways to work together and to cooperate together." [4]

"It is in humanity’s interest, therefore, to maintain its self-sufficiency, to restrain its ambitions and to be grateful for what it possesses, without wanting ever-greater sources of power and influence. This will provide humanity greater anonymity, security and freedom from intervention and from forms of persuasion that you have not yet learned how to counteract. Because you live in a beautiful world that is desired by others, this will be required of you if you seek to remain a free and sovereign people in the universe." [7]

"Nations within your world now must work together for the security of the world. Here again, stability and security become the overriding emphasis. Ancient animosities and hatred between nations and tribes must all be moderated so as not to break out into war or destroy the world’s resources." [4]

"You will have to suppress certain tendencies within your nature and within your world in order to achieve stability and security. And you will have to develop a boundary between your world and the Greater Community in order to exercise your own rules of engagement and to determine what ethics you will follow regarding who you will be in contact with and how you will engage with them." [4]

Requirements in the Greater Community

"In understanding that all races must seek resources, you can begin to understand why anyone would come to your world. They either want to enhance their security, or they are here to gain and acquire resources. There is no other reason to go visit worlds." [5]

"Stability and security between nations require maintaining a continuous access to resources and a careful guarding of any information, technology or unique resources that one world or a group of worlds may possess. Those who have wealth here have a great disadvantage. If they possess resources that are greatly needed by other nations, it will be very difficult for them to protect these resources and to maintain their privacy."[7]

Establishments in the Greater Community

"Stability and security are maintained as the basic focal point in this region of space." [7]

"No one is going to come and take the world by force unless you prove to be so aggressive, so destructive and so destabilizing to the local region of space that you prove to be too great a security problem for other worlds." [5]

"In the region of space where Earth exists, where there is a large concentration of trading nations, there are several major routes and many minor routes that are used for trade. Some are open for all travel, and some are private and can only be used by certain groups who maintain these routes for themselves. Large routes are usually protected by a security force that is generated by the overseeing body that manages that particular route."[7]

"[The citizens of great technological powers in your region] are expected to conform to very strict patterns of behavior to maintain this emphasis on stability and security. This emphasis has very unfortunate outcomes here for races that have lost their spiritual foundation and that have lost the emphasis on individual freedom and creativity." [4]

A Crown of Thorns

"It is easier to let go of things than to let go of people or to let go of security." [8]

"There are people whose approval you think you must have. There are people you are still trying to impress. There are people who you think you need for safety, for security, for love or for pleasure." [8]

"Some people will turn away from Knowledge. They will turn away from the signs of the world and the signs of their own deeper experience to protect what they have, to please the one they are trying to please, to hold on to their financial security, to hold on to their social position. They will fall back into the shadows, and Knowledge will remain latent within them." [9]


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