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"All of your technological conveniences, your art, your music, everything that has been made and produced, your freedoms and your disabilities—all are the legacy of the giving and lack of giving of those who lived before you."[1]

Threat to neighboring worlds

"Those neighbors who are not free will look upon the freedoms that you have cultivated thus far with great anxiety and with great concern, not wanting these influences to be exerted within their own worlds. You have no idea what your music and your dance could evoke in such worlds and why they are viewed as a threat to those controlling powers that dominate them." [2]

The Greater Community

Relief To The Mind

People “dedicate themselves to the arts, music or dance, they build things, they invent things—all to have this experience of concentration, this experience of being completely present with no past and no future for those moments in which their mind is fully engaged. This produces relief from the constant vexations of the mind, and it produces inspiration.” [3]


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